5 Places in Your Home Where You Should Never Hang Art Paintings

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Once you have bought an art painting, the next step in the ‘events chain’ is to decide the location where you want to hang it.

But do you know, there are certain places in your home, where you should never hang an art painting?  If you hang an art at these locations, your painting will be exposed to extreme temperature, humidity or light.

And what happens if they are exposed?  They will loose their beauty and might crack. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.

So, better be aware of these places and avoid keeping your precious art investments there.

#1 – Walls with Direct SunlightWalls in Your Home with Direct Sunlight

The #1 place on our list are the walls with direct sunlight. If you keep paintings on these walls, they will be exposed to UV (Ultra-Violet) rays from the sun.

The UV rays create damage in many ways. It will affect the molecules of canvas (or paper) and upon several exposures, the color of canvas will change.

The UV rays can also affect the painting compounds. For example, a watercolor painting exposed to sunlight for just 3hrs will crack and tear apart.

It also spoils the protective coating in paintings and prints. The varnish (or laminate) on the painting will evaporate and the surface will become dry causing further damage.

The same is the result when you hang a painting directly under an artificial light.

Except newer LED light bulbs, all other light sources emit UV rays that are more than enough to damage your painting.

That said, there are solutions to this problem. One method is use of UV protected glass on the frame. Another is to tint glasses on windows and doors so that no UV rays enter the room.

#2 Walls Facing Air Conditioners

Walls Facing Air ConditionersThe second notorious location are the walls facing air conditioners.  Here, the trouble is increased humidity.

The cooler air gushing from air conditioner results in increased water molecules in atmosphere.  So, when this air hits your painting, these water molecules will condense and turn in to water – enough to spoil your art investment.

Even though there are many companies offering air conditioner with humidity control, all of them are useless in removing tiny traces of moisture. Therefore, if you have an AC in a room, we recommend keeping your painting at the distant wall of that room.

#3 Bathrooms, Kitchen & Smoking Area

Paintings in BathroomDid you know westerners love to decorate their bathroom with paintings. They treat their bathrooms just like any other room in their house. But, we Indians would never do that. Can you guess why?

Of course, it’s humidity. Unlike western countries, majority of Indians use huge quantities of water in our bathrooms. As a result, a regularly used bathroom has large number of water molecules and bacteria in the air. And these are perfect combination to ruin your artwork.

Similar is the case with kitchen. There, the smoke and gas released during food preparation are problem creators. Smoking area is also no different – with CO2 and nicotine in the air, the lifespan of your painting will be much less.

Not convinced yet? Then keep a new A4 paper at these places for a week and let me know the results.

#4 Over the Entrance Door

Paintings above Entry DoorHave you noticed religious paintings kept above entrance doors?  Well, I’ve.  It is one of the sacred thing Hindus of North India and Christians of South India do.

They tend to keep paintings and prints of their favorite god above the front entrance doors. It’s believed that hanging painting at entrance would get rid of any bad energy entering your home.

Whatever the reason be, this kind of arrangement are sure to kill the life of an art painting. Do you know why?

The answer is simple – these painting have to undergo extreme weather conditions. Severe heat in summer, moisture in monsoons and extreme cold in winter.  The result is a short-lived painting that quickly fades in color and cracks on the surface.

So, if you still want to keep an art painting, make sure you laminate it first before hanging over your door.

#5 Near to Main Door

Paintings Near Entrance DoorEven though this place is not serious as the other locations talked above, it’s still worth mentioning.

If your living room starts with a hallway, chances are, you might have already hung paintings on these walls. By being near to entry door, these walls are prone to catch maximum airflow. (Thinking how? Because of the fact that this door will be frequently open.) And when there is increase airflow, there will be more dust particles. These dusts will settle down on the painting and gradually, color of the paintings will fade.

So, if you keep paintings near to entrance (or exit) doors, you not only have to perform frequent maintenance, but also have to witness quick deterioration of your art investment. Therefore, we suggest you to keep paintings on the inner walls of your living room.

Your Turn

What is the age of the oldest painting in your home? What other places would you avoid? What other solutions are there to these problems? Share your thoughts with us via comments.

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