Nurture Friendship with these World Famous Paintings

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It is difficult to maintain a friendship alive. Sometimes, you have to nurture friendship to keep the ‘link’ open. Keeping a regular contact is one way to do this. Gifting is the second way.

But, what is the point of gifting the usual stuff?

Research has shown that almost 50% of people dislike the gifts they receive from friends. May be, it is the time we change our thoughts and give something different. Have you ever considered buying a beautiful art? Art prints can be great gift. Especially for those friends who appreciate art.

If you are searching for friendship themed art, then this post would be useful to you. Here we look at some of the friendship themed paintings by famous artists. Buy these for your friends on this friendship day.

Pablo Picasso – The Friendship

The Friendship by Pablo Picasso

The Friendship by Pablo Picasso

The best way to start talking about paintings is to start with the name ‘Pablo Picasso’. This painting is by the man himself and shows friendship in his own style. The date of completion of this work is traced back to 1908. This cubist style of painting is now at The State Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia. But, you can always get a print of this painting from some of the art dealers or online stores.

Pierre Auguste Renoir – Luncheon of the Boating Party

Luncheon of the Boating Party

Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

This remains to be one of the popular works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir and one of the prestigious pieces of art at The Phillips Collection, Washington. The painting, shows a group of friends having fun at the balcony of a mansion. They are having a little food, drinks and a lot of fun. This is an oil on canvas creation by the famous French artist. Today, it is sure to cost more than a million dollar. But, for those who cannot afford a million dollar, there are prints and reproductions always available.

Paul Cezanne – The Card Players

The Card Players

The Card Players by Paul Cezanne

One of the paintings from ‘The Card Players’, a famous series of paintings by Paul Cezanne. A single painting in this series was sold for above $250million. A reproduction or print of this oil painting series could make a great gift for your friend. Being the most expensive painting and the name of Paul Cezanne associated with it, it’s sure to make some buzz if presented as a gift to someone.

Leonid Afremov  – Friends Under the Rain

Leonid Afremov  - Friends Under the Rain

Friends Under the Rain by Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov is a Russian artist who is a famous in the online art world. His style of painting using oil and palette knife is well known. This painting is a colorful depiction of two friends walking away in the rain. You will find many such paintings by him, and the best thing is, you can even afford to buy his paintings by bidding online!

Emile Vernon – Best of Friends

Emile Vernon - Best of Friends

The painting titled ‘Best of friends’ could really be the choice of art painting for this friendship day. The painting is about three little girls sharing their celebration of friendship. The oil on canvas painting by the French artist Emile Vernon is absolutely vibrant and cheerful; something that can make your friend happy to the core.

August Macke – Four Girls

August Macke - Four Girls

Four Girls by August Macke

This famous painting of four girls gathered together is from one of the leading members of German Expressionist movement, August Macke. His style of painting is little bit different as he was always open to try new ideas.

Friendship is a celebration and one day is never enough to embellish the beauty of it. But, when you have a day dedicated to it, you better make the most of it! Get the best painting for your friend and make Friendship Day even more special.


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