3 Fine Art Paintings You Could Always Gift to a Christian Family

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Several months ago, one of my Christian friends invited me to a house warming party.  Since I was very close to her family, it was important for me to buy a gift to celebrate the occasion.

But there was a problem – being a Hindu, I was clueless about Christian housewarming gifts.  What gift should I buy?

It was not an easy task.  So I talked to my other Christian friends and they came up with these three suggestions.  They say, a true Christian would never say “No” to any of these paintings.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what paintings you could buy for a Christian housewarming, this list would be helpful.

#1 – Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane 

Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane

Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane by Masrani

The first painting in our list is Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. This painting portrays Jesus Christ praying at garden of Gethsemane to His Father on the night before crucifixion.

Christ  knew what would happen the next day, so He prayed to God to pass “the cup of wrath He was about to drink” away from Him. But, God only sent an angel from heaven to strengthen Him.

So, why this is a great gift?  One, it depicts Jesus’ last night before crucifixion.  Second, it shows one of the handful occasions He prays to God the Father. Third, it reminds us about our evil tendency towards temptations.

Before prayers at Gethsemane, Jesus asked His disciples never to fall in to temptation. However, one of His disciples (Judas) didn’t take a word of this advice and ended up betraying Him.

In other words, this painting reminds us that we must pass all temptations to lead a peaceful and happy life.

#2 – Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Sacred Heart of Jesus Portrait

Sacred Heart of Jesus Portrait

The second painting in our list is “Sacred Heart of Jesus”. This painting shows portrait of Jesus with a glowing heart.  A crown of thorns surrounds his heart. Then there is fire at top and a cross above the fire.

So, why is this great gift?  Well, believers of Christianity say this painting signifies many great things about Jesus Christ.

First, the heart in the painting represents the Christ‘s divine love towards humanity. The fire at the top symbolizes that His heart beats with fire of love and mercy towards all of humankind.  The fire around heart symbolizes the purifying power of His love. These are not the only symbolisms.

The crown of thorns signifies the sacrifices Jesus did to save His men and women from evil forces. The wound in heart portrays the wound formed when a sword plunged into his heart at the time of crucifixion. The dripping blood symbolizes the new life of humanity after His death.

In short, this painting as a gift would remind us about the divine things and sacrifices Jesus did for us.  Therefore, it’s a great gift for everyone following Christianity. 

#3 – Holy Family and Trinity Portrait 

Holy Family and Trinity Portrait

The Holy Family and The Holy Trinity by  Jacob de Wit

The next painting in our list is “The Holy Family and Trinity Portrait”.  This painting portrays two groups – The Holy Family and The Holy Trinity.

Horizontally, child Jesus, mother Mary and father Joseph represents the Holy Family.  Vertically, Heavenly Father, pigeon and child Jesus symbolizes the Holy Trinity.

So, you may ask…why this great gift?

There are many reasons.  The most important of all is that it portrays the dual life of Jesus Christ – both as a human being and as a God.

The human side of painting talks about the need of marriage, family life and children in ones life.  It portrays a picture of a happy family. It reminds us how we should nurture our children with love and affection. It also reminds about the sacrifices one must offer to make their family strong and happy.  It also teaches about the significance of a strong bond in our families.  In other words, this painting reminds us of a model family from which all other families in the world could learn.

It does not end there.  The divine part of the painting has significance too. In Christianity, God is in form of three divine persons – God as Son, God as Father and God as Holy Spirit.  Though they may appear distinct, they are all essentially the same single God.

This painting depicts that divine unity.  By aligning child Jesus, The Holy Spirit and God the Father vertically, artist is just reminding us that there is only one God in the universe. And that makes this painting a perfect Christian gift!

Your Turn

Can you tell which painting I bought for my friend? Which painting would you buy for your Christian friend? Are there any better gifts for a Christian Family? What other things would you buy for a Christian House Warming? Share your thoughts with us via comments…

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