How to Properly Place Ganesh Idols in Your Pooja Room

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Ganesh Idols

Last year, when I visited Rishikesh, my friend gifted me a beautiful Ganesh idol. He said, it is a special Ganesh idol and would surely bring good luck to my family.

He reminded me that idols need to be properly placed for good luck and blessings. If I do not keep idols properly in my puja room, bad results can happen. Then he went on to say the proper methods to keep Ganesh idols in a pooja room.

In this post, I’m sharing that information. So if you are not sure how to properly place Ganesh idols in your pooja room, this would be useful to you.

Here is all you need to know about keeping and worshipping Ganesha idols in the puja room.

Rules to Follow When Placing Ganesh Idols in a Puja Room

The Ishan Corner

The northeast corner of the house is the best place to setup the pooja room. The north-east corner is also known as the Ishan corner. It is the best place to keep your Ganesha idol to offer prayers. If northeast corner is unavailable, place Ganesha idol in the direction so that idols face west or north. If possible, select north, as it is the abode of Lord Shiva, father of Ganesha. But, when you offer prayers, your face should only be towards east – the vastu preferred direction.

The Ishan CornerThat said, you should never place Ganesha idol or locate pooja rooms in the south or southeast directions. ‘Yama’ and ‘Agni’ rule these directions respectively. So, if you place ganesh idols on these directions, you won’t be getting the blessings you wish for.

When you place Ganesha idol among all other idols of deities, make sure it is properly viewable. Not just the Ganesha idol, but also all the other idols placed in the pooja room should be viewable. However, vastu doesn’t advocate the idea of using large Ganesha idols in the pooja room. The idol should be viewable, but not too big.

It’s never ideal to place Ganesha idols under the stairway

You will find many people squeezing in the pooja room under the stairway of their home. Maybe they don’t have much space in their house. Maybe they think it’s a better utilization of space. But, according to vastu, it’s never ideal to have Ganesha idols placed under the stairway. Quite frankly, it is a matter of commonsense. Will the Gods be pleased to have people stomping above their head, up and down the stairs?

You should not keep Ganesh idols near the Bathroom

Never place the Ganesha idols near the toilet walls. Ideally, toilet should not come above, below, opposite or adjacent to pooja rooms. You don’t want the negative energies from the bathroom spoiling the atmosphere of pooja room, do you?

Ganesha not Ideal in a Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom, it’s advised not to have pooja room in the bedroom. But if there is no other option, keep the idols in the north-east corner of the room. And when you sleep, your feet should not point to the idols placed in that corner.

How to Install a Ganesha Idol in Pooja Room

Ganesh Idol in Pooja RoomThe best way to install Ganesha idol is to have it on a small wooden table or board. Cover this wooden table using a red piece of cloth. It is said that Lord Ganesha loves red cloth, red flowers and in general, the color red. Now add flowers, garlands and other Shringars for the idol. It is also auspicious to keep a small bowl of rice at the feet of the Ganesha idol.

After installation, you should take good care of this Ganesha idol. Clean the idol and wooden table quite often. If you can, use Ganga water to clean the idol. Because according to our Epics and Puranas, River Ganga is considered holy and the purest.

Don’t have beautiful ganesh idol in your puja room? Don’t worry, you can buy from They have great selection of gorgeous ganesha murtis.


Ganesh idols you should not use in your Puja room

Though, there are many types of Ganesha idols available today, some of these are not advisable for your home, especially in your puja room.

For example, a Ganesha idol with his trunk to the right side, also called Dakshi­nabhimukhi murti, needs special worship. And if you fail to do these special poojas and routines, this Ganesha can get angry pretty quickly. Like the Dakshi­nabhimukhi murti, it’s best you avoid idols of Nataraj Ganesha. It is also not recommended to place fancy Ganesha idols like the one where Lord Ganesh is seen playing with musical instruments in your puja room.

It is also not advisable to place more than one Ganesh idol in your puja room, because it is considered inauspicious. Acharyas and sacred puranas say you need only one idol for worshipping. So, if you have more than one idol in your puja room, make sure you move additional ones to other parts of your home. (Say, to your show cases)

How to Offer Prayers to Lord Ganesh

Installing Ganesha idol at home is one part and worshiping is another. If you fail at offering prayers, you won’t get the full advantage of having Ganesha idols at home. So here are some ways to worship and offer prayers to Lord Ganesha.

To worship Lord Ganesha, you need a list of things from kumkum, rice, flowers, diya, ghee and incense sticks. Place small portion of rice at his feet, light the diya using ghee, light the incense sticks, apply kumkum to the idol and pray.

It is also advisable to chant the Ganesh Mantra when you offer prayers:

“Vakratunda mahaakaaya suryakoti sama prabha nirvighnam kuru mey deva, sarva kaaryashu sarvadaa”

On Wednesdays, the day of Lord Ganesha, add nuts, leaves and sweets to the list of items and do an aarthi with camphor. Use red colored flowers on this day to worship Lord Ganesha. Milkweed flower, Conch flower etc are also favorites of Lord Ganesha.

In addition to this, when you light a ‘diya’ in the pooja room, the light should fall directly on every idol in the pooja room. This diya or lamp should be placed at the southeast corner of the puja room. And you are supposed to light the diya twice every day. Once at the time of sunrise and a second time during the time of sunset.

So how is your pooja room setup? Does it follow the north-east rule? What about Ganesha idols? Share your comments with us.

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141 Responses to “How to Properly Place Ganesh Idols in Your Pooja Room”

  1. My Pooja mandir ( I donot have a separate room ) is located in the center room of my home, on the eastern wall( I face east while praying). I have small idols of almost all deities including Ganesh which I placed in the center of all idols. Please tell me if this placement is correct.

    • Hi Anand,

      Your placement is correct. Vastu says ideal location is north-east corner of your home. If that is not available, you can place idols in north or west direction. I hope that clear your doubt.

    • Vaastu is good if you are rich and idle and have a big palatial house. You can use it to kill time in modifications etc.
      Gods can be placed any where in clean an quiet place. Pray wholeheartedly and have good thoughts always, it is sufficient.

      Vastua and Fengshui etc are ok in their places, most vastu consultants are bogus any way.

  2. on ganesh chaturdhi while bringing ganesha my father caught the murthi on the road accidently my hand hit d idols hand and weapon in ganesha’s hand break’ed will dis leads to any badluck to me ? we did not used that idole but purchased a new idole immediatly and used d new one in pooja please tell me.

    • Hi Naveena,

      Don’t get panic…. you did correct after the Ganesha idol got broken. No need to thing otherwise. Nothing bad will happen so pls calm you nerves and worship Lord Ganesha and ask for forgiveness and happiness / abundance and luck / success. HE is very kind so don’t need to worry for this at all. This things happens. And we are human beings so GOD forgive us. Just one thing you should immediately do visarjan of such broken idol as broken idols extracts broken, interrupting wives in surroundings which creates negativity.

  3. Hi,
    I did’nt know about the right sided ganesha(as in the trunk). I got a small one from a fare. Please tell me what to do. I havne’t yet placed it anywhere in the house.

    • Marketing gimmick to sell special ganeshas at special prices. I am sure Ganesha does not care what side his trunk faces. Stop wasting your time and peace of mind, just put the idol where everyone can see it and Ganesha will be happy with you for spreading his radiance.

    • Hey, dont believe everything on the net.
      Pray whole heartedly and have good thoughts.
      This will bring good luck.
      If u r so much worried, keep the murthi in a temple or immerse same in a river/sea

    • Hi shilpi,

      Right trunk ganesha is considered as siddhivinayaka as siddhi (her wife) sit on his right and riddhi sit on his left. trunk towards siddhi symbolise moksh and 8 siddhies (8 powers). And when trunk is towards left that is towards riddhi He symbolise the happiness, prosperity, luck success and other pleasures in common man’s life. These symbolism plays very important role in energy creation. So pls be careful. If you want to ask for Happiness you cant ask it to Siddivinayaka because he cant give you that. He can only give you moksh/ ultimate truth and its worship requires all the strick rituals to be followed. Daily worship, abhishekam, gandhakshat, vastra abhushan, naivedya, mantropchar etc life 16 upcharas (rituals which are known as Shodashopchar 16 rituals). So for common man’s worship we should always put left trunk Ganesha idol only which is riddhivinayaka. So as soon as possible do immersion of that idol in clean floating water of river, sea or any sacred water spot so as to do any wrong thing with it and to avoid mistakes in his shodashopcharas…

  4. Hi Shilpi,

    If you haven’t placed this ganesh idol in puja room, you don’t have to worry.

    Btw,we will be posting an article about this in coming weeks.

  5. Hi,

    i need a clarification about the ganesha truck ,while we face ganesha idol the truck should be in his left or right side.

    please let me know.

    Also when i open the main door of our house before going to living room there is a blank wall can i keep ganesha idol and do i need to do pooja every day

  6. Hi Srinath,

    When we face the idol, the trunk should be towards YOUR right. (That is it should be a left-trunked ganesh idol.)

    If you are using it as a home decor, you don’t need to do pooja. Otherwise, there is no problem in keeping Ganesh idol on your blank wall.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Mamatha R Virupaksha Reply December 20, 2013 at 7:28 am

    my pooja shelf is in southwest of the kitchen and the doors open towards north, ganeshji idol and photo is facing north . please advice

  8. my pooja shelf is in southwest of the kitchen and the doors open towards north, ganeshji idol and photo is facing north . please advice

  9. Hi Mamatha,

    Are you living in a flat? Is your kitchen on North-East part of your house? And finally …Is it possible to move the shelf to North East? or to North or East?

  10. In my pooja room 2 ganesha their one is silver and another is from kan i paakam with wooden idol.

  11. Hi,
    I didn’t know that there was an Importance in which side the trunk should turn when i bought it. I’ve been worshiping two ganesha idols which are placed on the same room for more than 3 years. I figured out that one of the idol is left sided and it’s faced in the direction of southwest. The other idol is placed at north and the initial trunk curve is towards right and the final tip of the trunk is curved towards left (more like clockwise direction). So is this idol considered as a right sided one? Please help me. Correct me. both of these idols are made out of clay. Both of them does not face an external wall too.

    • Hi Harshan,

      If initial curve is towards right, then this idol is considered right trunked. (At least that’s what local experts say.)

      When you consider trunk of Ganesha, only the initial curve is taken into account. If it turns right, it’s right trunked and viceversa.

    • Rajesh Kunkawlekar Reply December 9, 2016 at 4:38 pm

      There are various forms of each gods people pray those. Every swaroop or image has its own interpretation. Like krishna’s image can be with flute can be kept by any musician, Krishna with radha image can be kept by any loving couple…. krishna in kid swaroop can be praised by any wanna be Mother. So we see god in different different formats. And that surely impact upon us. If you put wild animals pics all over your room slowly slowly your personality becomes wilder like those animals…. its true and its proved by surveys by few psychologists. That change will not happened suddenly but it takes its own time and impact on your personality and surroundings. Exactly same way Ganesha image with left trunk is mostly with Modak or laddu in his left hand and right hand always be in a blessing mode. This roopa is called Riddhi Vinayaka. This form bless people with materialistic abundance and happiness. So we can ask or pray for these things only to THIS form of Ganesha. Like wise Right trunked Ganesha symbolise Siddhivinayak Swaroopa which is furious, fiery, Angersome, Raudra roop. For your understanding i can say Ganesha in this posture can boon people with moksh only. No materialistic happiness and abundance he can give you or his worshippers. So It is meaningless to ask for happiness to This ganesha with right side trunk. He can give only Moksh the ultimate truth. So if people pray this Posture or you can say symbol then they will not get any sukh kind things. Fo that matter they can pray the Softer and milder and happy version of Lord Ganesha who can bless them all these happiness, joyous, materialistic things for all sansari people who has families and all. So why to keep that image or symbol who is Raudra or Strict or Fearful when we will not get those from this roop. This is the reason we should not keep Right Trunk ganesha image in Pooja room. It can be worshipped in proper manner with all 16 upchars in temples with sanctity. Hope you got the answer of your query

  12. I have got many Ganesha idols as gift for house warming. My show case is facing south and had placed them there.I heard that this should not be so. Can I pack and keep them inside a cupboard or place them in the temple? I have placed one facing my Entrance i.e., east. Please advise me. I have been facing many relation problems after coming to new house.
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi
    I have seen people leave Ganesha idol in a bowl of water and prey when they are in difficulties. what does this symbolize? could you please tell me.
    Thank you

  14. can i keep ganesh idol facing north in my TV Shelf ?

  15. I am just rearranging my puja mandir based on. It was in the south east corner.. now it is in the east corner of the house.. I have some idols and pictures all HUNG on the eastern side of the house. the idols and pictures face the west side.. (because they are placed on the east side). And I will FACE the east side when praying..

    Is there any rule on keeping a small water fountain adjacent to the puja mandir?

    • Have you got the reply about Is there any rule on keeping a small water fountain adjacent to the puja mandir?

      As even we are planning to put the small water fountain near the pooja mandir.

      Ashapal Gupta

      • Hi Ashapal,

        Does your fountain has running fresh water or just running water? I hope you remember, we keep water in puja room for the gods to drink. So it should be pure. So ensure your fountain always have fresh running water.

  16. Hi,

    Still confused.

    1. DIRECTION: Which direction should Ganpati bapppa face?
    2. LOCATION: In which location in the house should bappa be placed?


  17. Hi, we have two ganesh idols in our pooja ghar, is It apporopriate to worship and keep two idols in same pooja ghar?

  18. My puja mandir is west facing.
    I have southeast entry gate in my flats.
    So puja room is in the centre of flat…u can say north west.

  19. my garesh idiol is broken please informe if any bad will happen

    • Hi Laxmi,

      Yes. Broken idols should not be kept at home. Therefore, please remove broken idols immediately from your home. You should also do ganesh visargan of this broken idol. Bring a new idol only after that.

  20. Hello sir I have 5 ganesh idols in my room. I used to one idol every year.every year my problems getting worse. If I shud not worship more than one than wat should I do with other idols..plz reply

  21. where can i get orange colored ganesh idol?

  22. Comments: I am so Confused because in some website tell put Lord Ganesha in north direction so his facing in south and some other website tell put Lord Ganesha in south direction so his facing in north.

    Also tell me about Lord Hanumanji in which direction I put Photo of Hanumanji and in which facing is best for Lord Hanumanji?

    So please help me as soon as possible and solve my above 2 query.

    • Hi Vishal,

      All gods must not be faced towards south as this is region of yama. Ideally, you should keep idols faced north or west. So that you worship them towards east or south. Hanumanji is no different. 🙂

  23. Dear sir

    My pooja mandir is in I want to replace it to north east corner but its wall is attached to wash can I keep the idols and photos of god here. Please give sugessions to me.

  24. Hi Shakunthala,

    Keep the puja mandin slightly away from wash room wall. I hope only one wall shares with wash room. So you can give some space between this wall and puja mandir. Hope that helps.

  25. Sir I was gifted a red coloured Ganesh idol about a decade back. It has a right sided trunk. I thought it was special and kept it in the cupboard. But now I have kept it in the puja place. However, since I got this Ganesh idol I have faced a lot of hardships and lost many jobs. My higher education is still incomplete. Please guide me.

  26. dear sir

    i want to keep a maha vishnu photo in opposite my entrance door. will it be good?

  27. hello sir can we put lord vishnu’s picture opposite our entrance hall?

  28. Dear Sir,

    Greetings. My Flats is in 2nd floor and main door is facing South. So we enter house facing north direction. First comes hall and in the center of the hall I have placed a Steel rack for poojo room , where it is placed on west wall and we worship facing west. And I have silver Ganesh idol placed at north west place of the rack shelf facing east. The idol is right trunk ( the trunk curves on the ganeshas right hand side). Is this correct position, correct idol? please suggest me. Every day I am doing abhishekam with water alone and applying sandal and applying flowers , keeping one eatable as prasatham (fruit or sometimes sugar or cherries in a small bowl) and telling slokas everyday. Is that fine or I should change anything here. Please guide me at the earliest.

    • Hi Ganesh,

      Your location is correct. However, I suggest you to replace right-trunk idol with a left-trunk one. Left-trunk Ganesha idols are calmer and easy to please.

  29. Im so confused, is it disrespectful to have the idol as a decoration? Its ment to bring good luck but it hasnt at all! The woman i brought it off told me to face it towards my door to bring good luck in and its in my room not in a special place or anything. Someone help

    • Hi Emily,

      It’s not disrespectful to keep idols as decoration. But, if you keep the idols as just decoration, it might not bring good luck to you. You have to worship these idols and do regular pujas.

  30. Dear Sir,

    Is there any rule on keeping a small water fountain adjacent to the puja mandir?

    Ashapal Gupta

  31. Dear Sir,

    We are planning to have a small pooja mandir in the north east corner of the house.

    Is there any rule on keeping a small water fountain adjacent to the puja mandir?

    Waiting for your reply/ suggestion.

    Ashapal Gupta

  32. i have tow bedroom one store on drawing room and loby.Where to set my wooden mandir for pray. please suggest me.

  33. Dear Sir,
    In my new flat, the pooja room is in the middle portion of the flat. The door to pooja is facing north. Can I keep the gods facing north and pray facing south?

  34. I dont think it is correct, many temples and even my ancestral pooja room is facing east, meaning the god is facing east and when we pray we face west. But your description seems to be other way around. Please check.

  35. My house Main Door is South facing.should I fix a Drishti Ganesha facing South and also install one behind facing North towards inside of the house,Back to Back, please advise.

  36. sir i am planning to construct a new house in area 40*40 north east corner plot.i am planning to place puja room in west position between s.w and n.w .idols placed facing east . we are praying towards west. is it correct. please advice me as soon as possible

  37. Hello sir , i have silver ganesha at my home and if i put in front of my door then back of ganesh will be into my house following to kitchen and bedroom ..
    what is the solution for this

  38. Hello Sir. My pooja room is right in the centre of the house. It is an open space. I have a ganesha idol too. The idol faces the main entrance door which is in the north. So basically my Pooja space and the ganesha idol face north while they are sitting in the median of the house. Please advice if this position is right.

    In every other room there is a toilet and is quite inconvenient and this current location appears best suited for pooja.

  39. Hi to all,

    Boss I have read in one of your artical to bowl of rice in front of lord Ganesha but does not say whether to change every day in the moring puja.

    Please advise.

    Warm Rgds

    • Hi Saundalkar,

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      Yes, you have to change it daily. Would you keep same garland daily on your favourite deity? No, right? Similarly, the rice bowl represents food for Ganesh. So, it should be fresh every day. If you are keeping water in your puja ghar, you have to change that too daily.

      I hope that answers your questions.

  40. Sir,
    I have pure silver made Ganesh ji and Laxmi Ji with Singhasan. It’s size is very small when we are placing them in our New House’s temple. Pls suggest can I exchange them and buy a bigger one as per my Temple’s size OR shud I keep them with me and buy fresh from market of Pure Silver.

  41. Hi to all
    Ours is a west facing apartment.our puja room is in the east north of apartment in which we have a large wooden mandir in the east north corner facing west, ie we pray facing east. wooden mandir is cupboard type with two partision ,both upper & lower portion have
    Idols of ganesh laxmi photo frame of ganesh laxmi,vishnu laxmi,durga,hanuman,Shankar parvati,saai baba,shani dev,ganesh laxmi saraswati etc.All gods/godess worshiped with their mantras/bhjans /aarti, diya & agarbatti.
    We are from Uttar Pradesh.Please let us know if we are doing/following any wrong thing.
    We respect all traditional values with open mind.
    Warm regards
    Uday kumar – Hyderabad

  42. hello sir…
    I have curry related genuine crystal ganesha idol. actually some one suggested me about this,but am confuse about crystal selection.please help

  43. Hii Shyam ,
    My Saraswati photo frame glass is craked while I was travelling , it was kept in my luggage I feel very bad it was due to my mistake is it a bad sign or omen , it is now immersed shall I bring another one ?????

  44. Can we put two Ganesh murti of left side trunk on two opposite side. One of Puja Guru told us to put Ganesh murti on opposite direction like one is faced on south side and other is on north side. So it is good or bad ?
    Please reply..

  45. Just to confirm, many temples and even my ancestral pooja room is facing east, meaning the god is facing east and when we pray we face west. But your description seems to be other way around. Please check and im same doubt of sharmada>>>answer pls?

    • Hi Yogeshwaran,

      I think you misunderstood my post. We are talking about the ideal position. Yes, there are temples other way round. In fact, the place I live there is a temple with goddess facing east. But when you look around, gods of majority of temples face west. I hope that answers your questions.

      Best Regards,

  46. Hello is there any vinayagar sitting of west direction in kerala , Please anyone reply me

  47. Hi Shyam,

    I have one Sri Ganesha Lakshmi Idol and one Bhawan Shankar Parvati ji with Ganesh ji Idol(Combined as a Family). Can I keep them in pooja room.
    Please let me know.

  48. Hi Shyam,
    Someone gifted us a White resin Ganesha idol & we are using it for Puja since last several years. Someone recently told us not to use gifted idols in Puja room for worship. I should be buying on my own. They suggested that i should move this somewhere else in the house & not to use for worshiping. Just wanted to get second opinion.
    Really appreciate your response.

  49. Hello sir I have bought a new ganesh idol at home but u already had a ganesh idol which I bought last year for ganesh chaturti. What should I do now. And also all mi idols are in tne northeast but when I do my puja my back faces the east. Is it right?

  50. I agree with @B.Yogeswaran.

    In most of the temples, the deities are facing east and when we pray we are facing the west.

    Some Ishwari temples face north.

    So I guess we have to follow the same in our homes.

    Wish some authority / pandit clears this doubt.

  51. Hi frnds… Sorry to say but don’t think about directions ( east west north South)… Just think abut load ganesha… How he feels happy in your home ? What did u SPL for ganesha ? How to giving your own heart etc…
    Jo bhi kro dil se kro… Khushi k sath kro …na thoda kro na jyada kro…bs utna kro jiska gum na kro…

  52. we are in rented house
    main door is in north east facing from inside
    where to place ganesh idol this year

  53. I have an idol with right trunk which I pray to everyday if I remove it can I still keep it away but not pray to it , is it okay to do that

  54. Hi,

    I have some i vitatio from frienda for gamesh pooja
    What all i have to bring foe pooja.

  55. I want to buy some Ganesh Idols. Planning to buy online. Please advice.

  56. Sir,

    I am confused alot. DO we need to keep ganesh idol in a such away that he should face north or he should be placed in north facing south. Please suggest me


  57. Sir,

    I am confused alot. DO we need to keep ganesh idol in a such away that he should face north or he should be placed in north facing south. Please suggest me


  58. please sir give me answer as soon as possible

  59. First of all I will really like to congratulate you for regularly replying the questions which people post. Please keep it up ! 🙂
    Coming to my question now-
    I have shifted to a new flat which has North East (more towards east, very less towards north) facing entrance door. As I don’t want to make my pooja place in any of the bedrooms, I have converted store into pooja room which is just opposite to entrance door. That is pooja rooms entrance door also faces North East. There are slabs toward the north of the pooja room. I want to place my temple there. In addition to the temple I have a big ( more than 3 feet) Durga maa idol which I have placed on the wall opposite to the entrance door. So now, my Durga maa is facing towards the main entrance door of the flat which is in line with pooja rooms entrance door.
    Please tell me which side should my temple face ( gods idols face )? Options according to the structure of room are :
    1) towards East ( in this case I will face towards west while praying
    2) towards south ( in this case I will face towards North while praying
    3) I hope Durga maa facing towards main entrance door of flat is ok ? I have heard that Ma Lakshmi’s idol facing towards entrance door of flat is not good for financial status.
    Please guide ?

  60. Hi Shyam ,
    I have two right trunked Ganesha s in my bed room , one decorative idol on stone with no arms in lounge , one with left trunk ( this idol has been used twice in house for Pooja when house was bought ) near to lamp near to entrance door , and one left trunk marble idol in a small attic ( under staircase ) along with couple of other deities photos … ( no poojas done just kept their ) We don’t do any poojas , I just lit lamp and pray on the lamp which is near to entrance door along with Ganesha idol …. As I was a born Christian and other half a Hindu we really don’t know much about poojas and rituals ….just happened to read about right sided trunk and started researching on this subject …since last 3 years everything is upside down in life …. Does any of the above in your opinion has caused negative effect in life ??? Rt side trunk idol I will give to temple , wondering can I move others to small attic ( even the one which is used for two poojas ) please reply .

    • Hi Serah,

      I’m not an expert. I would suggest you to visit an nearest astrologer / vastu person and enquire about this.


    • Hi Serah,

      i read your concern… you are born christian but still do worship or respect Hindu Gods. Believe me you will get blessed for sure for this…. Human created the religions as per their priorities and beliefs and mostly convenience. As you are not aware of any rituals which hindu follows while worshiping or offering prayer to their Gods, i suggest just dont keep more than one idol of any god on your puja altar. Dont keep adding and putting several gods just for the sake of putting. it will not help but if you didnt do respect those it will create unnecessary tension and anxiety in your mind. And second this is GOD is very kind so even if you make any mistake unknowingly HE will not punish you. he will first hint you to change it to correction… you have to take note of that and rectify with expert knowledge on it. Rest leave it to GOD he will take care of you for sure. Its my experience so far….

  61. Hi you told you have to keep a bowl of rice in front of ganesha idol and told it to hange it daily. What should we prepare with that rice

  62. Hi,

    I am really hoping you would answer me, today my hubby brought home a marble Ganapathi idol and I placed it north (i think) on a table that I work from facing the entrance door.

    Few minutes after placing the idol, i looked around and I saw that a piece of the marble leaf that the idol was broken. I didnt see it or hear it happen. Just broken!

    Can I still keep the idol? is it ok? Should I get a new one? Is it a bad omen for it to be broken? The idol itself is fine but the leaf a small chunk is broken.

    Kindly advise.

    • Hi Linz,

      I believe you’ll be worshipping this idol before you start your work. Therefore, it’s better to replace the broken idol with a new one.

  63. Hi thanks for such an informative article.i have in my puja one ganesha,one Shiv parivar including ganesha and one decorative Laxmi ganesha.does this mean I have three ganeshas if which two should I remove . please tell

    • Hi Deepti,

      If you are a strong follower of Ganesha, please keep the individual idol and remove the decorative laxmi ganesha. As far as I know shiv parivar is okay (They are the parent of Ganesha right?).

  64. Respected sir,

    My bedroom itself puja room, I kept kateel durgaparameshwari photo first and ganapathi photo next at the east wall, is it right or I kept first ganesh photo then devi photo which is right – please give me suggestion

    • Hi Varija,

      I suggest you to keep Ganesh on the left side and Durgamba on right side. I hope you remember, we all start with Ganesh Vandan to avoid any obstacles. So, it’s always good to worship ganesha before doing pooja to other deities.

  65. sir, my ganesh idol got damaged by mistake while giving bath.what is the procedure to replace,how to remove from pooja room .is there any preferable day and time to remove from pooja room.sure i have to remove ganesh from my pooja room.

    waiting for your feedback.

  66. thank you sir, my another question is – We kept right trunk ganapathi from 1998 at puja room – pl. give suggestion

  67. I shifted to my new house,previously i am having a copper ganesh laxmi which i was worshipping everyday in my pooja room,but now bought a new silver laxmi ganesh which i want to keep in my pooja room and worship then what shall i should do with old laxmi Ganesh which is also right trunk ganesha and I have one more laxmi Ganesh which I brought at the time of grah pravesh puja what shall we do with this idols.pls suggest me I am I am doing pooja of the idol which i brought at the time of grah pravesh.

    • Hi Sunita,

      If you want to keep a new idol, donate the older worshipped idol to a near by temple. If you happen to have more idols that are not worshipped, you can keep in your home as decor. Hope that helps.

  68. Greetings

    I have read that according to Vastu, Ganesha should face North but, should not be placed in Southerly direction. Ganesha should be placed in North East direction preferably and yet Ganesha’s back is considered poverty so Ganesha cannot be placed with his back to any part of the house.

    Can someone please explain, whilst keeping the above point in mind, how is it even possible to place Ganesha facing North without his back facing inside the house??

    Thank you.

    • Hi Ravi,

      I’m afraid I don’t have a clear answer to your query. It obviously depends on the house. Also, you could keep another ganesha inside that part of house to nullify the effects of first ganesha. People do something similar to Drishti Ganesha, when you keep one on the entrance door.

  69. is it posible to keep more then one pic of same god or idol?
    or more then one idol in poja room or temple

    • Hi Mahesh,

      It’s not advisable to keep multiple idols/pics of same god in your pooja room. Just think about any temple where you have seen multiple idols kept. None right? Same is the case for pooja room in your home.

  70. Hello sir..I am having a ganesh idol on my entrance.. just in front of the door which is in the north.Please advice me if this position is right.for the home or not.

  71. I have had a Ganesh that was gifted to me for 13 years ago. It must be a strong idol because the day I got it and brought it into my house and kitchen it brought me very bad luck for the 2 days until I moved it outside to my garage windowsill. I don’t worship it, but give it flowers and greens every so often. My new tenant believes it is a demon and has asked me to remove it from my property as she is Christian and Vietnamese and says it has made her very upset. I want to respect her wishes as she is having a very bad emotional time. Shall I put it into the river so that it is disposed of correctly?

    • Hi Julia,

      Yes. If you feel the urge for visarjan (dispose off), please go ahead and perform it at a river near your home. Btw, Ganesh Chathurti is near (September First Week)…so I suggest you to perform visarjan along with other Ganesh devotees.

  72. Hello I was gifted a Ganesh Idol with left trunk and have been searching what this specific Ganesh Idol means so that I can properly worship him.

    Pleas help me.

    Thank you!

  73. Should the idol during Ganesh chaturthi be facing the main door of your house ?
    Have heard that the idol should not be facing the door of your house ?

    Please suggest.

    Thank you.

    • Anuj,

      The idols kept facing the doors of your house are called Drishti Ganesha. They are kept to prevent any bad coming to your house.

      However, when you keep idols for Ganesh Chathurti, you should keep them as you normally do in your pooja room.

      I hope that answers your question.

  74. Dear Shyam,

    My pooja room is right facing entrance door since I dont have a pooja room, i had to hang the gods photos on West Wall facing east, so We are facing west wall for prayers Is this advisable? East wall there is a window hence I could not hang or can I hang the god’s photo by covering the Windows facing west wall ? Please advice – as I am very confused.

  75. hi,
    in my house east side face poojaroom its correct.
    reply me fast.

  76. Every year we keep idol of Ganesh in our house at last 2years but my qus is that the face of ganesh is east-west its correct or not.
    pleas help me.

  77. Hi, i am preparing for ganesh chaturthi 2016 , i have a question , i am planning to sthapit Ganesha in living room , my living room has big balcony wih wall sized doors , i am planning to close this doors and use it as support for my decorationpurpuse , table willtake support of this closed doors , is it ok or not considered good , please help. P.s my balcony opens up in west facing means bappa will be facing east

  78. One more thing , imy table is made up of plastic , is it considerable or i should go for wooden made table for placing bappa.

  79. Which direction should we put ganesh murti for ganesh utsav for 10 days. I have one laxmi ji murti in my home which is placed in show case. Before some days it’s hand had been broken by my son by mistake. last year on diwali we have done Puja of that murti. What should we do now

  80. Hi
    If anyone answer my question URGENTLY…

    We are based in Australia, from last 3-4 years we are using same Clay Ganesh Idol every year for Sthapna on Ganesh Chaturthi (including Pran-pratishtha) and worship two times everyday until 10 days. On the day of Visirjan we worship and pack it back in the box to store it for next year. (Not doing visarjan in water and using same every year). Problems to do Visarjan in Public places in River or Sea. (I know we can do it in Bucket)

    Question is : Is it ok to use the same Idol every year which we use to perform Pran-Pratishtha (Mantras) and daily pooja? if not we are planning to do proper Visarjan this year thats why asking urgently.

    Much appreciate quick reply.

  81. Abhijeet Singh gujral Reply September 5, 2016 at 12:31 am

    Hiii…my pooja room is on 1st floor of my bungalow in the center on south wall direction…
    Dat means my ganesh idol & also other idols face towards west & north & also north-west…
    & we face towards north & also south
    while offering prayers…
    All My idols are kept in south east corner of my pooja room..& diya is also lighted with in south east corner…
    Are all the positions in my pooja room properly placed ?

  82. hi,
    im goin to move in to a rented apartment next week.My master bedroom(with attached bath) is in NortEast.Ive attached here d house plan.Pls do let me knw whr i shud place my altar in this room.As our in the top floor thrs no other houses n we r not gonna use tat bath.

  83. Hi,
    If Sri Ganesh ji is placed in NE corner facing north, then how do we do puja? In that case we will have to sit facing south which is wrong for offering puja.

  84. Dear Shyam,

    Am I correct in saying that as long as the Ganesh idol is not being worshipped (as decoration only) I can place in any direction in my home and also have as many as 4 together?

  85. HELLO SIR ,

  86. Hello sir,in my puja shelf one idol of Lakshmi -ganesh and another one is pic. Of lord Shiva ,Maa parvati and ganesha.could I keep both of them(ganesha) together in one place?

  87. I have two ganesh one on the study table and one where i do puja but it is in the same room .is it good.

    • Hi Yash,

      As far as I know, this would be okay. Just to clarify: I’m sure you’ve found temples with multiple ganesh idols. But they would be kept and worshiped in different rooms in different forms. So, if this is okay, then your situation should be fine.

  88. Dear Shyam, I’ve two Ganesh Idols (trunk facing towards his rightside). one made up off clay/stone not sure it’s in black colour and the other is brass (gold plated. after reading I understood I can’t keep two and also not the right sided trunk. I was praying more than a decade. Can I remove and keep it in a cabinet or donate to the temple? All the while was facing a lot of confusion and argument no peace at home.

    If I want to buy a new one can I buy an idol made up of brass and gold plated or any other recommendation? Your advice pls. Thanks Much

  89. hello sir/guruji

    sir i want to know about right trunk of shri ganesh ji. i placed the right facing trunk in my office since 2015 1st week of jan. in my office opening. according to fake pandit. now i realized i never worsip it . that they want. so what can i do now. i am very upset . please help me and reply .

    remember – the idel is aprox. 5 inch and pital (brass).

    when can i change the idel right trunk to left trunk . also want to know can i put brass idel 5 inch left side trunk ?

    which day can i change it .

    can i need pandit for change the idel ?

    what i do for old right trunk ganesh ji idel ?

    please please sir/guruji…….

    help me………

    i am waiting for your reply ….

    hope you will reply …

    thanks and jai shree ganesh ji

    • Hi Lalit,

      You can do an idol Visarjan or donate the idol to a temple near by. After that, buy a new left sided idol and start worshiping. Wednesday is considered to be the best day for Ganesh pooja, so I suggest you to start worshiping your new idol from Wed

  90. thanks for reply but still not clear my all answers.

    pending questions :

    1. need pandit for change the idol ?
    2. can i put 5 inch brass idol ?
    3. which day (muhurat) for good to change the idol ?

    i need to your reply……

    thanks in advance…. 🙂

  91. In my home mandir, I have placed a photo of shiv privaar where Ganesh is present, a photo of Laxmi Ganesh where Ganesh is present, I also placed a resin idol of ganesha in my mandir. Now how could I manage the three ganesha in my temple as it is advisable to place only one Ganesh in one mandir at home. Whome should I replace??? Please reply.

  92. Thiruchelvam Chelliah Reply March 18, 2017 at 7:52 am


    I placed ganesga idol on the south side of my house. The idol is facing the north and my bedroom door. Is this okay?

  93. Thank you very much for providing the wonderful blog about Properly Place Ganesha Idols in Your Pooja Room. Keep sharing this types of blog.

  94. Hi ,I have two Ganesh idols in my pooja room one is made in clay & one is what I do .can one idol keep in my pooja box where I stored all my pooja items .pls help me

  95. Hi, Can I keep one photo and one Idol of Lord Ganesha in Puja room?

  96. Hi, Can I keep one photo and one Idol of Lord Ganesha in Puja room? I have one photo and one idol in Puja room.

  97. Thank you for Informative Blog. I am staying in south facing Flat. On top of door we have White Marble Ganesh Idol. Its there even before we bought the house(May kept by First owner). Recently one person said one should not keep marble idol at home so we should remove it and change with wooden one. Now we are confuse (it is south facing) Pl. Advise

    Thank you

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