Raising a Mother: How to Keep Her Happy With a “Mother and Child” Painting

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There is nothing important for an expecting mother than her child. To keep her child safe, she needs to be healthy: both physically and mentally.

But keeping her happy is not that easy. Because it is a time emotions run like a roller coaster. So you have to find some ways to make her happy.

Gifts are a great idea to keep an expecting mother happy. If the gift is something that keeps reminding her of the child to be born, she is just going to love it!

Speaking of which, art paintings comes to the lime light. An art painting depicting a mother pampering her child or a child showing love to mother could just be perfect.

Happy Mother, Healthy Child

Happy MotherThe best advice one can give to any expecting mother is to be happy. You will never know, but the baby is said to pick up emotions and thoughts from the mother during this time.

Remember the story of Abhimanyu from Mahabharatha? The story says that Abimanyu overheard Krishna talking with Arjuna about entering and breaking battle formations, including ‘Padmaavyuh’, while he was still in his mother’s womb.

So, if the mother is happy, the child will also be healthy. A gift from friends or family, at times, can pick up her emotions. Gifts like a simple ‘mother and child’ painting can make her happier than some expensive gifts. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive every time!

Birth of a Mother

It is said that ‘a mother is born only when a child is born’. But yes, the preparation for being a Birth of a Mothermother starts way before. The mother and child painting can play its part in this preparation. A painting of ‘mother and child’ can always remind her about the good times she is going to have with her kid. The painting could be about a kid showing love to the mother or a mother bathing her child. Whatever the theme might be, love and happiness will always be there. It’s also supposed to remind her about the growing family.

Attracting a Healthy Child

Attracting a Healthy Child You must have heard about the famous ‘law of attraction’. It says, ‘by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results’. So, what does a painting have to do with law of attraction? The thing is, when the mother looks at the painting, she will wish for a child with the best of qualities. This happens every time she peeks at the painting and if the law of attraction is true, she will be the mother of a child with great qualities.

Anxiety Turned Into Happiness

Like being happy, it’s always important for the mother to be confident about raising her child. But, sometiRaising  a Childmes, it is possible for an expecting mom to lose confidence on the wild ride of emotions. The level of anxiety would be high in her and this could work in a ‘not so good’ way for the child. A simple ‘mother and child’ painting can turn this over by building confidence in her and the mere thought of raising a child brings down the level of anxiety. Anxiety turned into happiness in no time!

For an expecting mother, it’s all about staying inside the field of positive energy. A beautiful painting of a mother and child can make her fall into the world of beautiful thoughts about her to-be-born. It can make her feel good and can help her in transforming her emotions in the right course. So, now you know, why you should gift an expecting mother with a “mother and child” painting.

Now it is your turn. What gift would you buy for an expecting mother? Have you given a painting to an expecting mother? Do you also give gift to an expecting father? Leave your opinion.

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