How to Worship Right Trunk Ganesh Idols

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Last week, we received an interesting comment from one of our readers.  She asked:

I never knew there are Ganeshas with different sided trunks. I got a small (right trunked) one from a fair. I haven’t yet placed it anywhere in my home.  I’m worried that if I keep this idol, bad luck might happen.  Please tell me what to do.

Well, it’s true that right trunked ganesha idols are not perfect for gifting or home.  But, that does not mean, you have to completely avoid buying right trunked idols.  If you are prepared to perform the required rituals, you can even keep this idol in your pooja room.

In this post, we will discuss the significance and solutions to keep right-trunked ganesh idols.  But, before getting in to details, let us see what the trunk direction actually means.

The Meaning of Ganesha’s Trunk Direction

Ganesha Representation

Symbolism of Ganesha

Did you know, different parts of lord ganesha represent different things in life?

For instance, the large elephant head symbolizes intelligence, wisdom and strength of mind one must possess to tackle the problems arising in life.

The large belly corresponds to the vigor one should hold to digest all good and bad things in the world.

The trunk represents the adaptability and efficiency one should possess to handle all worldly problems.

It does not end there.  The trunk direction also has hidden meanings.

In fact, there are three beliefs on ganesha’s trunk direction and all of them say the same – the right trunked ganesh idols are stronger, powerful and are difficult to worship.

Let’s see what these beliefs are.

1. It’s believed that Ganesha idols with trunk turning to left side is generally calm because, it’s the direction of moon channel (Ida Nadi) – the spiritual energy channel corresponding to soothing energy flow.  This channel caters to left sympathetic nervous system that looks after one’s emotional life.

Conversely, the right trunked Ganesha idols are more powerful since the trunk is turning towards south, or sun channel (Pingala Nadi) that is analogous to lively energy flow.  This channel corresponds to the right sympathetic nervous system that takes care of supra-conscious mind.  Thus, the idols with trunk towards right are said to be aggressive and demanding.


Do you have right trunked Ganesh idol? Maybe it’s the time to buy a left trunked one. I recommend you buy from They have great selection of left trunked ganesha murtis.


2. There is also another notion on trunk direction.  According to this belief, a body has two personalities, a feminine and masculine side. The left side of the body is feminine and right side masculine.

The left side represents the easy going, serene nature of a person and are ideal for fetching good luck, fortune and calmness to ones life. The right side, however is hostile and represents the angry self of the person.  As a result, the right trunked ganeshas are said to be masculine and challenging to worship.

3. As per third belief, the right trunked ganesha is a dakshin abimukhi ganesha (facing southern direction) and in Hindu religion, everything towards south is bad luck.  As indicated by religious texts, this is the direction of Lord Yama, the god accountable for death and suffering.

Vinayak with Super PowersSo, if a God can face the direction of Lord Yama, he must be a dominant god, right?  Well, that’s what this belief says — right trunked ganeshas are more powerful and you won’t be able to worship or please him the way you do the left trunked versions.

As result of such powerful presence, right trunked ganeshas are usually called “Siddhi-Vinayak” (meaning vinayak with supernatural powers).

You can see dominance of these powerful Ganeshas, when you visit any of the right trunked ganesha temples.  You will also notice the difference in rituals there.

So, what can we learn from here? Just like human beings, if you are trying to please a god, you should worship the calmer version (left trunked) than the hostile version.

And what about gifting right-trunk ganeshas? Should you gift?  I trust it should be clear to you that because of all these reasons, it’s not recommended to gift right trunked Ganesh idols. Your recipient might not have enough knowledge about these types of idols. So, to be on the safer side, it’s good to avoid right trunked ganeshas.

But, what if you already have such idols in your home? Can you keep it in your pooja room?

Ganesha with Right TrunkI believe, it must be evident to you by now that right trunked ganesh idols require strict and demanding pooja rituals. Is it a good idea to keep such challenging idols in your pooja room?  Of course not, especially, if you are unable to perform the rituals on a regular basis.

So, what’s the solution?  The answer is simple – just keep them outside your pooja room.

When you keep these idols out of pooja room, you are not worshiping them.  You are just using it as a home decor accessory.  In that case, these ganeshas are dormant and won’t cause any harm. Your luck is undamaged!

On the other hand, if you were worshiping them in your pooja room and are unable to perform the required rituals, you must donate it to temples or you should perform visarjan in a river (…because an idol kept in pooja room might have gained consciousness).

In short, if you are worshiping right trunked ganesha, be prepared to spend time regularly on the rituals. Otherwise, keep them as home décor and ensure you will never have any kind of worship towards them.

Now let us see how you can actually worship a right trunk ganesha.

How to Worship Ganesh with Right Trunk

As mentioned earlier, the rituals for right-trunked ganesha is different from that of left-trunked ganesha. Here is how you can worship right trunk ganesha idols.

Before ganesha pooja, gather these things ready: flowers (or garland) , red sandalwood paste (kumkum), rice grains, sweets, water, diyas, ghee, incense sticks and campher.

First, prepare your pooja mandir for Ganesha worship. It must be clean and free from dirt. Clean the ganesha idol with a wet cloth. Place him on the raised mandap. Dress him the way you usually do.

Lord Ganesha PictureNow, meditate a peaceful ganesha in your mind. Think about a happy ganesha you can imagine. Chant this mantra during meditation:

Gajaananam Bhootaganaadi Sevitam
Kapittha Jamboo Phalasaara Bhakshitam
Umaasutam Shoka Vinaasha Kaaranam
Namaami Vighneshwara Paada Pankajam

Now, invite lord ganesha to accept your worship by chanting this mantra: Om Gam Ganapataye Namah  twelve times. It is believed that, when you chant this mantra, the idol would gain consciousness.

Next Step: light diyas and lamps in your pooja mandir. During the whole time, you can chant this mantra: Om Shri Ganeshaye many times you feel.

After that, you can start giving your offerings one by one to Lord Vinayak.

First offer him water three times. Then offer rice grains three times. Then offer sweets three times. And finally, offer water again three times. Now, Ganesha is well fed and is ready to accept your prayers.

Next, offer him the holy mark on his forehead with red sandalwood paste. Then, worship him with flowers or garlands.

Once that’s complete, praise ganesha with his famous 12 names.

  • Om Sumukhaaya Namah
  • Om Ekadantaaya Namah
  • Om Kapilaaya Namah
  • Om Gaja Karnakaaya Namah
  • Om Lambodaraaya Namah
  • Om Vikataaya Namah
  • Om Vighna Raajaaya Namah
  • Om Ganaadhipataye Namah
  • Om Dhoomaketave Namah
  • Om Ganaadhyakshaaya Namah
  • Om Phaalachandraaya Namah
  • Om Gajaananaaya Namah

Now, it’s the time to offer incense sticks. Take a couple of agarbatti sticks and light them up. Then circle the idol 3 or 5 times in clockwise direction.

Once that is done, prepare yourselves to perform aarti. You can also light camphor now. Take the lamp in your hand and circle the idol three or five times in clockwise direction. During this time, sound the bells and chant this mantra as many times you feel:

Om Namo Siddhivinayakaay Sarvakaryakartrey Sarvavighanprashamnay Sarvarjya Vashyakarnaay Sarvajan Sarvastree Purushakarshanaay Shreeng Om Swaha

Ganesh IdolsAfter this, fold your hand (as Namaste) and offer your inner prayers. With this step, pooja is over and you can distribute prasad to other people in your home.

(Please note the above-mentioned pooja is a truncated pooja ritual for your home; if you are looking for a detailed method, please consult with your local priest.)

It’s recommended that you do this pooja twice daily for best results. If you are unable to do twice, make sure you do the pooja in morning.

So, there you are!  This is how you worship right trunked ganesh idols.  As you can see, if you have the will do the rituals, you don’t have to worry about keeping right trunked ganesh idols in your pooja room.  Just worship Ganesh in the correct way and you will live a happy and prosperous life.

Now, its your turn. Would you still gift right trunked ganesh idols to your loved ones? Do you own any right trunked ganesh idols? What are your plans for them? Share your comments with us.

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66 Responses to “How to Worship Right Trunk Ganesh Idols”

  1. Sir, Thanks for your valuable writing. I have a right trunked brass ganesha at home. What is the correct placement for it. I am using it only as home décor.

  2. Hi Beena,

    If you are only using this for home decor, you don’t have to worry too much about his trunk or placement.

    Otherwise, this might be helpful:

  3. Hello Sir,

    We are been gifted 3 idols with right trunk of which 2 idols are in pooja room.I see a lot of negativity in our house and it is also affecting health of the elders.

    I want to do visarjan.Can you tell me which day and how a visarjan can be done?


    • Hi Pawan,

      You could donate these right trunk idols to your nearby temple. Ask the priest there for advice.

      • Dear sir,
        But in temple if not accept the right trunk idol, so please tell us this visarjan is right option or not?

        I am waiting your reply

  4. I have a right trunk Ganpati photo in my pooja room. People hv told me that we cannot keep right trunk Ganpati at home. There is a lot of negativity at home. I do normal poojas by ligting the diya & agarbatti. On some days, we do not light the diya & do pooja (when I am menstruating). What should I do. Should I donate to a temple ?

    • Hi Radhika,

      Just as we described in this article, if you are unable to do proper poojas for right sided Ganesh statues, it’s better to donate them to any temple.

  5. I have received a small ganesha’s photoframe – Sidhivinayak with right trunk from the sidhivinayak temple after donation. I have kept it in the hall but I put a graland on it regularly & offer prayers to this one as weell as the idols kept in the small temple inside one of the rooms. I am worried as the trunk is towards the right side. Please help.

    • Hi Rajiv,

      The rituals needed for right trunk idols are different from left trunk ones. So, it might be good idea not to offer poojas on this idol (You need to do it properly).

  6. I have 2 ganesha idols trunk facing the right in my pooja, One was given to me by a priest in india. I’m having them for a long time and facing alot of problems
    I would like to donate both to the temple and buy a new idol with left facing trunk.

    And my Main door is facing the South, can I put a left trunk Ganesha image back to back.
    Need your advice on the height of the Ganesha and in picture form or in idol form.


  7. hi
    someone gifted me a lord ganesha photo
    frame with right hand curved trunk shall i use it as home decor. im confusd means if i place it in same room where my temple is already installed,it will good for me or not?wt to do i have a single room only shiuld i hang it or nt??

  8. hi
    someone gifted me a right trunk lord ganesha photo frame. i want to use it as a home decor painting bt im confusd since i have a single room & a small temple in my room to worship. could i place or hang this painting on one of the wall of my room or should i place it outside of room like in gallery?
    pls suggest ….

  9. Hi ,I painted a mural ganpathi with right hand curved trunk. I framed it and kept in pooja room. Can i repaint the trunk towards left for good results .please advice.

  10. Hi didn’t know that we are not supposed to keep right trunk Ganesha idol at puja room.. I do puja every day beside menstruation day. i have 2 right trunk Ganesha idol at my home. one i do puja ( silver) another in show case( wooden) . please suggest me what am i supposed to do. i have that since i got married its a first idol we brought in Diwali to set up out puja room. please suggest me what am i supposed to do. and also the wooden idol hand was broken once i have glue and kept in my show case.
    please advice


    • Hi Trishna,

      I suggest you to replace right-trunk version with left-trunk one. At homes, we need to worship calmer Ganesha, which is left-trunked. You could donate your RT puja idol to your nearby temple.

      • dr ravindra sachdeva Reply December 17, 2014 at 7:57 am

        We have kept right sided trunk ganesh murti over entranxe outside. Our house is east facing and entrance is north facing. Is it right or wrong . Please guide us and oblige. Thanks

  11. Hi,

    I have a Ganesh photo at my pooja room with the right sided trunk, with a third eye standing position near to a lion. Can you please advice me if this can be kept in the pooja room? I am worried on the consequences if the right puja is not done.

  12. Thank you for the info!!

    We have and idol of lord Ganesha having right facing trunk, along with shivji and maa Parvati ji together, and lord ganesha is sitting on the Lap in the middle. This idol we have placed in the mandir. What should we do about this, as they all are together and won’t be possible to do visarjan…… Kindly advice!

  13. HI,
    I Have mistakenly gifted one small Gold lockate of right side lord ganesh to my friend. His this badluck to my friend whom I gifted, pls suggest

  14. Hi sir

    I have two right trunk ganesh photo frames , i use it for decor , could you suggest the best facing directions for these frames, i heard it should face the south directions as per vaastu, is it true?


  15. Dear shyam ji,
    i have temple in north east (NE)direction of home. while pooja, my face is looking at NE. I have a idol with ganeshji in laps of shiv ji and PArvati mata is sitting on the left of Shivji.
    The trunk of ganesh ji is verticle down and bottom of trunk is just turning right.
    Is this some thing special as right trunk or it is different.
    Do i need to perform pooja once a day as discribed by you here.
    This idol was in room for last 8yrs without pooja. In jamuary 2015 we put it in pooja room
    Please guide me.

  16. Debasree Mukherjee Reply April 15, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    I have bought a right sided trunk ganesha idol 5yrs earlier and from then the idol has been kept in the puja mandir and has been offered simple puja as offered to all other gods daily. But all these rituals are not followed being unknown of these. So can we replace this idol with a left sided trunk idol and can we keep this present idol in a showcase. Please advice

    • Hi Debasree,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, you can move the right trunked one to showcase and replace it with left trunked one. Ideally, I would suggest you to donate the idol to temple or do visarjan.

  17. Hi Shyam,
    nice article. Always wondered why one should exercise caution in having right trunked Ganesha in the house.. This article cleared all my doubts !! suhas katti

  18. Hi Friend, I have a right truck Ganesha for past 16yrs. All was well till i read those articles on the right truck ganesha is not suitable for prayer.. i was totally confused as i cannot give away my Ganesha for this reason ..after reading your pooja to the right truck ganesha, thats exactly what we are doing for these years… so now he will be with us forever…this means alot to me. thanks again and god bless.

  19. Hello Shyam,

    I have right trunk Ganesha. My wife has been doing pooja but idol is not in pooja room. My wife has placed Ganesha on fire place. There is lot of negativity in our lives. please advice if I should do the visarjan or stop her from doing any pooja?

    Thank you.

  20. Hi Friend,
    My sister in law gift us a Woden beautiful Right truck GAnesha , she bought it at the antic shop i guess a little bit expensive in FRANCE. I put il for the player and worship it but not everyday. Now i started ganesha stotram all wednesday and do fasting,
    What i have to do correcly can YouTell me sincerely since i m leaving ni France and dont Know all these YouTell us here. Sorry for my english.
    Best regards

    • Hi Vina,

      For worship, we recommend left trunk versions. We’ve only seen right trunked version in temples.

      1) Do not worship right trunked version. Keep it as a décor or donate to a temple nearby.
      2) Buy a left trunked one and continue worshipping as you do.

      Hope that answers your questions.

  21. Hi,
    For my marriage my mamma gifted silver right trunk ganesh.past one year we kept that idokl in draw.We did not do any pooja.some negative vibrations.This june while we are doing satyanarayana vratham we kept that idol in pooja.After that i did not do any pooja for that .That time priest told we should not keep right side ganesh.He told as to exchange with left side ganesh.Now I come to know that we should not exchange like that .Now what should I do Please advise me .Shall i use a decorator or as we did pooja 1 time shall I keep in pooja room and do pooja or shall i exchange ?

  22. I am planning to exchange silver Ganesha idol in gold shop and get some silver kalishachembu.Shall I exchange the idol?Please suggest it ?

  23. Hi, I have a right trunked silver Ganesha idol in my Pooja room for more than 5yrs , bought on Dhanteras. I am offering simple prayers daily except on monthly cycle. Feel lots of negativity in house and family. I am attached to my Ganesha.pls advise what should I do. Due to illness at home and restlessness I have started chanting Om gan ganpataye Namah.

  24. Can I exchange the right trunked idol to left trunk idol from the shop. If yes when would be the best day.

  25. Hi Manisha,

    Since you have kept the idol for more than 5 years, your ganesha might have gained consciousness. So, its not advisable to exchange your idol. Instead, donate it to a nearby temple and buy a new one.

    Hope that helps

  26. Hi shyamji, I have a right trunk silver Ganesha idol in my puja for more than 5yrs.i had bought it on Dhanteras along with laxmi ji idol and have been offering simple prayers everyday except on monthly cycle. There is lots of negativity in the house.due to illness and job loss at home I have started chanting Om gan ganpataye Namah.can I exchange in the shop with left trunk Ganesha ..pls advise.

  27. Sorry I didn’t see ur reply. when is the best time/day to donate and is there any process involved in doing it. Also advise Ganesha idol in which form is best to buy.

  28. Hi shyamji, Instead of donating the silver right trunk Ganesh idol I have been worshipping for more than 5yrs…can I move it to the north west part of the house as a decorative piece. If yes in which position and the idol should be facing which direction.

  29. For Puja place, Can we buy a brass or sandwood Ganesh idol as we not in the position of buying silver idol.. Please suggest…need ur advise to my queries.

  30. Hi, sir..

    We are doing pooja daily in home..we have one fram with all god.. uma mahesh, ranchod raiji trikam raiji, hanumanji.. and two sant…also and one ganpati also.. with right trunk..this all in one fram..apart from this i kept one more ganpati..left this ok to keep both ganesh..for all we are doing pooja regularly..

  31. Dear Sir,

    I have 4 Ganesh idols. 1 with right trunk and the rest 3 is in the form of full elephant structure with the trunk raised as in blessing posture.

    All these 4 statue is kept for décor purpose on my office table. Please advise if this harmful to my job.


    Mrs P. Kaliammah

  32. Hi I’ve done ganpati sthapana in our home.
    The idol has right trunk and we have kept it in our hall.
    Is there anything bad about it ?
    Cos I think at the end it doesn’t matter god nvr makes anyone suffef its just our thoughts.

  33. Hi Shyam,

    We have a photoframe with Lakshmi, Ganesh(right sided trunk) and Saraswathi hung on the top of main entrance in side the house. We are having lot of difficulties in our lives. could you please advice me whether can I place that photo at home or not. waiting for your kind response.


  34. Hi Shyam, I have a photo frame with Right Trunk Ganesh, Lakshmi and Saraswathi on the top of main entrance in side the house.We have lot of negative effects in my home like sickness,lack of mental peace and financially.So can i place the frame there or do i need to remove. I dont pray to that photo. please advice me.

  35. Hi Sree,

    In which direction are gods facing?

  36. Sir, I m a bit confused.. I have a lot of Ganesha idols mainly as home decor. But I have one in my pooja room. Actually a portrait of Ganesha.. I can’t understand whether it is right side tracked or left sided.. This is because.. The trunk starts with a bend towards the left and remains so for most part of the trunk but has a slight twist towards the right at the very end of the trunk.

    Please carlify if this is to be considered left sided or right sided..I can send a pic if u need clarification.

  37. Hi Arnab,

    Thanks for stopping by. Short answer: Your ganesh is left trunked. You don’t have to worry.

    Long answer: When looking for trunk direction, you should only weigh the initial bend. So, as you have mentioned, the trunk starts with a left side bend and only turns right at the tip. So, clearly, this is a left-trunk ganesha.

    If it’s not too much trouble, could you please send picture of your ganesha? [

    We could add it to the article so that any future reader will be less confused.

    Have a great day!

  38. Hello sir,
    I am lalit from ahmedabad
    I start a new shop on may 2015
    And i placed idol of right trunk god ganesha on my shop…
    1st three months good in business. After 3 months i am facing some problems. So what i do…..
    I am worship daily with agarbati or diva… some day didn’t. … so how to worship right trunk ganesha on shop….. Please reply

  39. Hi

    I have two lord Ganesh statue in pooja room. Bigger one is left trunk and smaller one I got from father is right trunk.I perform daily pooja to both statue.

    Pl advise am I doing right thing?


  40. Hello sir,
    I would really appretiate your response,
    A long ago, I received sliver Ganesha, wooden Ganesha and ceramic Ganesha as gift, whose trunk is twisted right side. I guess we have not offered prayer to it but all these show pieces are reciding in my living room on showcase facing towards south. My living room is long stretching from north east corner to south east corner. House, main door is facing south.
    Plus we brought this house few years ago and Asa we moved in something is not right. We have two Ganesh idols on both sides of main entrance gate(one on right side facing northand another outside . It is stuck with cement

    • Hi –

      From the written words, it appears, your house has Vastu problems. It’s not recommended to have South facing entrance at a home. So, I suggest you to consult with a Vastu expert and correct the problems. Fear not, there are many solutions. Contact a nearest vastu expert and he’ll be able to guide you with solutions.

  41. Hello sir,
    I would really appretiate your response.
    Some years ago we received 3 statues of Ganesh made of silver wood and ceramic whose trunk is twisted right. Since then it is reciding in my living room facing south in a showcase, I believe it is not worshipped. What if my mother has offered it prayers once or twice, not sure..Should I donate it?
    And I also have two Ganesha idols in my entrance gate (I believe it is called dristi) द्रिस्टी.. It is pasted 4feet high on either side of gate walls inside and outside( both tends to be in right side while we go out and come in!) My house and entrance gate is facing south.. The ganeshas there are left trunked but different in appearence. Inside one is fatter and chubbier, outside one is long and skinny.. we are having financial problems, quarrels at home.
    Idol of Ganesha in my Pooja room is of stone, it been with us since ever my grand mother worshipped it. It’s trunk is vertically down, slight to left then tip twisted to right… I’m very much confused.. Please suggest..
    Waiting for your response
    Thank you.
    Regards Shakher.

  42. We were doing Puja for last 2 years at our home in Pune. Due to job change I had to relocate to Mumbai and we dont want to discontinue due to this. Can we still do Puja at our Mumbai home?

    Please guide us.

  43. Hi Sir,
    Is it suitable to keep right trunk Ganesh idols inside the cars

  44. hai,
    i bought a right trunk ganesha .but i saw this information after i bought. now i am confused please help me.

    • Hi Parvathy,

      Right trunk ganesha idols are usually kept at temples, where daily poojas are done. You cannot skip daily poojas with right trunk ganesh idols. If you can’t do that, I suggest you to exchange it with a left trunked version.

  45. Hi shyam .
    I have right side trunk shidhi vinayak photo frame in my hall in East (purva) direction .plz just its good for us na?

  46. hello sir,
    we have right trunk peetal ganesha at home n giving him pooja along with other deity from many ears all things were in right way we earn money but from some years we facing long health n aggressiveness grihclash problems at home even we purchased a flat it is South faced we are middle class people now i knew about this that this is the reason of problems also many small mouse moves freely at home i am very worry what i have to do we continue worship or visarjan kare but how to do
    hamare sath kuchh galat to nahi hoga plz suggest me when we go out of station we cant perform pooja plz plz reply me i am in mental tension

  47. siddhartha halvadia Reply May 16, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    Hello sir

    I will appreciate for your reply on my concern as In my Puja room I have one ganesha metal murti with the trunk swung up in the air right side. But now I am staying at other city so not able to perform daily pooja as my family is with me also.This idol was worship by my father from Last 30 years. Please guide what to do should I do visarjhan this idol as we don’t know that we should first consider left hand trunk ganesh murti or put in the showcase or give it to any mandir.
    Please guide us.

  48. hello sir, one week back someone said that u have to keep right side ganesh in your pocket , as they said i purchased and keeping in my pocket with right side ganesh and doing everyday pooja with simple. is it good or bad, please suggest me.

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