How to Sacredly Keep Ganesh Idols in Your Home

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Ganesh Idol in Pooja RoomDid you know that you should always keep Ganesh idols at your entrance in pair? Did you also know you should avoid Ganesh idols with trunk to the right side?

There are many such things you need to know before keeping Ganesh idols in your home. If you don’t follow these traditions and customs, you may be inviting bad luck to your home.

But, if you follow these rules and customs, Lord Ganesha will bless you with all the goodness in the world. So here are those rules, traditions and customs that you need to follow while keeping vinayak at your home.

Things You Need to Follow before Keeping Ganesh idols at Your Home

You can keep Ganesh idols in your home in many ways.  One popular way is to place an idol of Lord Ganesha just opposite to the main entrance of your home.  It is believed that this Drishti Ganesha will ward off all the evil from entering your home and bring prosperity. When you place Lord Ganesha this way, he will be the guardian of your home.

However, when you place Lord Ganesha idol at the entrance, you should always keep it in pair. One facing the entrance and another one facing the other way. Why?  Because keeping a Ganesha idol with its backside facing any other room of your house is said to bring poverty.  Therefore, to compensate that, you keep another idol facing the opposite direction.

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You can also keep idols in your showcases.  In that case, it is necessary that you leave at least 1 inch between idols.

Another thing to note is how you keep certain things near the Ganesha idols.  For instance, keeping anything made of leather around the Ganesha idol is not recommended.  Leather, after all, is made from parts of a dead animal.  So keep anything made of leather including your leather belts, shoes or bags away from the idol.

Apart from this, when you buy a Ganesha idol for your home, there is one important thing you need to remember avoid Ganesha idols with trunk to the right side

A Ganesha idol with trunk to the right needs special attention and special poojas.  You won’t be able to meet these needs at home and that’s why these Ganesha idols are only found in temples. That said, you could safely keep Ganesha idols with trunks to left, straight or in the air at your home.

Material Types of Ganesh idols and the Directions to Keep Them 

Gift Ganesh IdolsAccording vastu, Ganesh idols made of different materials needs to be treated differently.  The most important thing is the direction in which you should and should not place these Ganesh idols.

Silver Ganesha – A silver Ganesh idol is supposed to bring fame and publicity for you.  If you have any silver Ganesh idol in your collection, place it in the Southeast, West or Northwest direction. According to vastu, never place these silver idols in South or Southwest direction.

Copper Ganesha- Installing copper Ganesh idol in home is believed to be good for those who desire descendants.  Keep these copper Ganesh idols in East or South direction. Never keep these idols in Southwest and Northwest directions.

Wood Ganesha- Wooden Ganesh idols, including those made of sandalwood, has many benefits. We worship these idols for good health, long life and success.  So keep the wooden Ganesh idol in the North, northeast or east directions. Do not keep these idols in the southeast direction.

Clay Ganesha- Clay Ganesh idol also has multiple benefits. Worshiping these clay idols ensures you success, good health and helps you in removing obstacles. However, never keep these clay idols in the west or north direction. You are supposed to keep them at southwest direction.

Brass Ganesha- Ganesh idols made of brass brings prosperity and joy to your house.  These brass Ganesh idols are supposed to be placed at east, south or west directions. At the same time, never keep these idols in northeast or northwest directions.

How to Keep Ganesh Idols for Ganesh Chathurthi

Ganesh IdolsTen days before the day of Ganesh Chathurthi, people install Ganesh idols in specially made structures and start the pooja. On the first day, the priest installs the Ganesh idol in the temporary structure, called ‘Pandal’. The priest performs special poojas to fill the idol with life. This is called ‘Avahana’. The ritual is accompanied by chanting of sacred mantras and bhajans.

Once the ‘Aavahana’ is complete, you can perform aarti and light diyas around the idol. During the prayers, offer 21 blades of Dhruva grass, 21 modakas, 21 red flowers, and a red tilak using sandalwood.  The number 21 represents five organs of perception, five organs of action, five pranas, five elements, and the mind.  Keep a coconut and a small bowl of grains alongside the idol.  During the whole process, it is auspicious to recite ‘Ashtothara’ of Lord Ganesh.

For the next 10 days, special poojas are done on this Ganesh idol.  On the 11th day, the idols are immersed in a river or sea.  Singers, dancers, and large number of people accompany the farewell procession of Lord Ganesh idol. The immersion of Ganesh idol symbolizes the journey of Lord Ganesh to Kailash, taking away all the misfortunes of the devotees with him.

So what do you think about having Ganesha idols at home?  Do you have one in your home? Do you follow all the customs and traditions in worshiping Lord Ganesha? Share your views with us in the comments.

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107 Responses to “How to Sacredly Keep Ganesh Idols in Your Home”

  1. Hello,

    We have a brass idol that we got for Ganesh Chaturthi. Can we use the same brass idol after visarjan, for daily puja?

  2. I bought lakshmi ji and ganesh ji idol for diwali puja. I had done diwali pooja also. But the trunk is on right side of ganesh ji. Now shall i continue with the same idol or shall i bought new idol. Please help

  3. Can I use a plastic ganesh idol for puja

  4. Hi Kareshma,

    There are two thoughts on this.

    1)Plastic are impure
    2)You don’t need an idol to worship

    According to first thought, use of plastic idol is evil because we don’t know how these plastic are processed.

    General consensuses is that most of the plastic are recycled and therefore are impure. Do you want to keep something impure in puja room?

    The second concept is that whatever you feel is right, is good for you. There are many swamis who doesn’t even worship idols..for them the god is everywhere and could see him in everything they see. They say, you don’t have to pray before an idol to become a devotee.

    So, I guess it’s your choice. If you think it’s impure, replace your idol with a metal or wooden one. Otherwise, be happy the way you worship. 🙂

    I hope that helps.

  5. I hv brass/ asht dhaatu Ganesh idol appr. 1 ft big….i want to keep lord Ganesh at my enterance passage facing south and towrds my enterace door. Is it good place or do i find another place please recommend.

  6. Hi Bharti,

    South direction is not recommended for any idol. This is because south is the direction of Yama…it’s always forbidden.

    Read this article for more informaion:

    Hope that helps.

    • thanks , good article.
      wanted to check about Marble Ganesha ?
      you have given details for Brass, silver, cooper etc what about marble ?

  7. Hi Neel,

    You can worship marble Ganesha without any problem. They are pure. You can consider them similar to clay Ganesh. I hope that helps.

  8. Hi i have a right sided trunk ganpati kept in my showcase.. Is there anything i need to take care of apart from things like leather and other idols?

    • Hi Bhargi,

      You don’t need to worry about these if you are only using this ganapati idol as home decor. They don’t have any consciousness. They are there merely to decorate your home. So, don’t worry about it. 🙂

  9. Sir,
    I have a query that is breaking my head.
    I have bought some brass idols of GODS,some said that I should purify them before keeping in the pooja room.
    a. I keep the idols immersed in rice and remove it on odd days.
    b. to soak in water with salt on the first day and keep it over night. Next day I must soak the idols in water with milk

    Request you to advise what exactly I should do before I keep the idols in the pooja room. Your advice will be appreciated – nityakalyani

  10. Thanks for the informative article! I have a question of placing Ganesha idol at entrance. I live in US. We have plastered a image of Ganesha on our house entrance wall facing the street. It’s backside is the garage. I read somewhere that you should not put Ganesha paintings in low energy areas. So as per your statement “However, when you place Lord Ganesha idol at the entrance, you should always keep it in pair. One facing the entrance and another one facing the other way. Why? Because keeping a Ganesha idol with its backside facing any other room of your house is said to bring poverty. Therefore, to compensate that, you keep another idol facing the opposite direction.”

    where should i keep the other painting/idol?

    please advise.

  11. oh my!! my question is…can two Lord Ganesha’s face each other?? also, does a beautiful picture count? I was gifted both of these Ganesha’s. a copper 2 ft and a beautiful hand painted. what to do??thanx bridgett

  12. My house is east facing and we have kept a drishti ganapathy idol/picturee at the entrance. By pairing it, should I keep a similar idol insode the house facing inwards?Please let me know.

  13. Greetings!

    Is there any puja that needs to be performed if we stop getting the Ganesh idol at home? since my Dad passed away, we had stopped getting the ganesh idol for Ganehsh chaturthi, is there anything we need to do? Please let me know. Thanks!

  14. sir ,i have idol of ganesha which is of marble ,so can u tell me that can i use marble idol in ganesh puja and after puja can i use that idol in regular life,
    If i use the same idol after puja is THERE ANY PROBLEM ?
    pLZ pLZ do let me know before puja{29th of aug 2014}

    • We have bought a marble ganesa the trunk on the left hand side lately from Chennai. My wife has kept it in the hall near to the sofa set facing the west where we used to watch tv and entertain visitors. Is it proper to keep at the hall, I am a bit worried not happy about it. Please help.

  15. I m non vegetarian…I have brass ganpati idol at my home mandir.
    I performing puja normally way on ganesh chaturthi for 5 or 7 day without kept fasting .this is not my family tradition.i like to do for my self.shoud I also avoide nonveg food outside at home?

  16. dear sir…thanks for the informative article. I have a query. I have a west facing house with a ganesha frame outside the main entrance wall. as a decor, can I put up a sidhivinayak photo with its back to the said ganesha…pls advise. ..regards

    • Hi Rekha,

      If you read comments about right trunked ganesh idols on our site, you will see that many people are experiencing bad luck after keeping photos and statues of right sided statues. So, I advice you not to keep right sided murti in your home.

  17. My husband got right sund Ganapati from Bang-cock few years back and I immediately kept it in my temple and also did regular prayers with prasad flowers and dakshina but when I heard I am not supposed to do that many a times I took it down and kept on the table.

    We have bad luck for several years but it seems to have grown more. I lost my job after bringing this Ganesha but I did not associate it with this Idol

    for past few days I have started thinking that should I give it in temple or do proper prayers?

    • Hi Mridula,

      I suggest you to donate this idol to a temple. In modern busy world, its getting quite difficult to offer proper prayers daily at home. Therefore, to make sure poojas are done properly, donate this idol to a temple.

  18. Hi

    Need a clarification on placing ganesh idols in pairs. Say if we place a ganesh idol facing the door (ie when you open the door from outside you can see the idol). Now we need to keep one above the door with the front facing inside right?

  19. Hello Shyamji,

    I am confused about which is a right trunk Ganesha. Is the trunk to the right of Ganesha or right of the person looking at it?

    Also, where do I place a glass Ganesha

    Many thanks,

  20. I have placed one concrete vinayahar in my house compund wall south east side .this is ok?

  21. Hello Shyam,
    We have 2 shadu Ganesh idols and 1 silver idol.
    2 shadu Ganesh idol reasons :
    1. One we keep every year and one which one is of last year, we immersed it after 10 days.
    This year as my cousin bro wife is pregnant so we kept both at home and not immersed last year idol also. We have one silver idol also and two Ganesh bappa photos one from inside main door and one from outside main door.
    My question is whether to keep 3 idols and 2 photos is good? If yes, whether can three idols be kept side by side?
    We are not getting peace in home and financial position is also not very good. I stay with my mom only. Plz give suggestion.
    Thanks in advance.

  22. hello sir
    we have been worshipping a right trunk ganesha idol for a long time without knowing about the difference. can you give any solution for this? can we take it out of our puja room and put it in a showcase?

  23. Hello Shyam,

    I intend to place Ganesh idol at entrance of home (Drishti) – which is facing north-east. I was looking to buy a idol made of bronze casting (I think this includes other metals like brass). Is this recommended? Also, as you said I need to pair the Ganesh too at the entrance so the opposite direction is also overlooked. Does this paired Ganesh idol have to be same material and size?


  24. Hi,

    Please let me know if it does harm to either side by gifting silver Ganesha idols? either to the ones gifting or ones taking?


  25. Hi,
    I will be shifting to new flat.
    I want to place ganesh idol outside the entrance door facing toeast.
    Is it necessary to put a pair.
    Where and how?

  26. any hight issue for ganesh idol for home regular pooja? some people say’s ganesh idol for home regular pooja is not greater than thumb of karta (the leader of the home)
    is this true or any logic behind this thought? please suggest.

  27. We have many ganesh at our home of like photo frames one so how we can hang it

  28. Hi! Just bought a stone ganapathy from Bali. What kind of rituals should I perform at home? Need urgent help. Thanks.

  29. Hello Sir,
    I want to place a Ganesha Idol in my yard like Hanumanji idol. But I don’t know where to place it, that is, which direction the Ganesha idol should face. Have not yet bought one. Can you please suggest me which one to buy. Thanks in advance Sir..

  30. In my steel factory entrance we are planning to keep standing Ganesha with 4 hands.plz suggest

  31. I am a bit confused. I have a frosted glass Wall partition with ganesha image on it. The ganesha is visible both sides, North and South direction. Is this auspicious and would it have similar meaning to back to back ganesha? Please reply as I am not getting answers to this.

  32. I am a bit confused. I have a frosted glass Wall partition with ganesha image on it. The ganesha is visible both sides, North and South direction. Is this auspicious and would it have similar meaning to back to back ganesha? Please reply as I am not getting answers to this.

  33. I am having one 2 feet black marbel right trunk Ganesha in my home facing inside home above my main entrance (East facing home) and we are praying regularly and we had not experienced any kind of bed luck or any thing bed happenings to my family, can i keep this idol as it is or should i donate to a temple?

  34. We started keeping Ganeshji from last year for 11 days. Now this year we are travelling abroad. There is nobody at home who can take care of aarti and other things. Can we carry ganeshji with us and do the rightful prayers/aartis wherever we go.

  35. My mother-in-la’s side never had the habit of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with an idol. Can I inculcate the idol worship ? Is there any harm in doing so?

  36. I was wondering is there a process to keeping ganesh at home during ganesh chaturthi? As in if you decide to keep it in your home this year, does it have to be every year or three years in a row. How do you decide? I have moved in to my own apartment this year and wanted to celebrate ganesh chaturthi by bringing the idol home, so was wondering if there were any prerequisites.

  37. Sir,
    I’m decided to keep Ganesh idol first time in my house.
    Kindly tell me about pooja process

  38. Hello sir .actually I have bought a new ganpati for this ganesh chaturthi and it is made with lime. I would do the sthapana on around the 15th. So I would not do the visarjan because I will bought it for how should I do the there any specific prayers for that.

  39. Kindly offer your comment on the installation and worshipping a clay Ganesh idol during Ganesh chaturthi festival inside a temple where the presiding deity Is Lord Ganesh himself. This is being objected by some.

  40. Hi Shyam, in this article you mentioned that a brass Ganesh must be placed in south which was perfect because it is the only place I have in my room but then later in the blog you said that it’s not good to place idol in the south since it’s for Yama. Please clarify this because I have bought a brass Ganesh and I want to make him an altar with his back facing the South and front facing North, again this is a brass Ganesh. I Look forward to your help. Thanks again!

  41. i was getting Ganesh idol at my home from last two years but in second year my mother in law passed away during those days .Should I continue the same or stop getting idol at home

  42. This time got ganpati of RS..POWDERED marble..for ganesh chaturthi…z it ok…can i keep it back…in house

  43. Since we are unable to keep Ganesh idols n worshisp n thn immerse it as done during Ganesh chaturthi so can we offer prayers to ganpati idol in our home temple by doing all the rituals and next day keeping it back in the puja room????

  44. We did not keep ganesha any time is it good to bring this year or how to start keeping ganesh frim now plz help

  45. Ganpati Bappa Morya.. 🙂

    I want to install Ganpatiji in my car..
    So, can i install two Bappa!! one facing inside car and other facing outside near staring in centre of Car desk.??

  46. Ganpati Bappa Morya.. 🙂

    I want to install Ganpatiji in my car..
    So, can i install two Bappa!! one facing inside car and other facing outside near staring in centre of Car desk.??

    Also tell me which “dhatu”/metal it should be of??


  47. Sir
    Namasthe ,I perform regularly Ganesh chathurthi I keep the idols of Ganesha and Gowrie made of silver kept in east direction perform pujas. end of the day I shake up and remove the idols after the arthi puja etc . The same idols are again installed every year regularly . I don’t keep mud clay Ganesh . please tell me if this procedure followed by me is alright and acceptable.
    (AGE 78 YEARS ) .

  48. Hello. I have a small marble ganesh statue. Only two inches. I would like to place it on a small wooden alter in the northwest corner of my home.

    does it need to face northwest?

  49. Hi, I have a 3 feet marble ganesha murti and i realised that trunk is facing right side.

    Although its not in the puja room and at the entrance door, we worship it by lighting diya once a day and by decorating the murti.

    Please let me know if we have to do anything extra to keep ganesha happy or if its not desirable keep such ganesha at home, shall we donate to mandir.

  50. Sir I am from a small island called Fiji we also do ganesh pooja ,my question is do we have to place ganesh at one place and pray for 10 days and 11 day take ganesha to sea or we can take ganesha from house to house for ten day and 11 the day visarajan.its bit confusing coz we pray in temple n there are others who take ganpati house to house sometimes three houses in a day so wanted to know what is right way .thank you will look forward for ur reply.

  51. Namaste,

    I have some questions with regards to the right side murti as mentioned in your page. I have a small picture of right sided murti of Lord Ganesha from the Sri Layan Setthi Vinayagar Temple , can I keep it at home?

    I put this picture in the North direction and usually chant and pray the usual way for myself. I have been avoiding beef and meat products. Should I give this picture to the temple back? Since its not good to keep a statue idol or picture of the right side murti….

  52. Thanks Shyam Very useful idea.


  54. Hi,

    We would like to know about the Position of placing white metal Ganesh idol. Presently we are keeping at our pooja room that is North East corner. Please suggest.
    Please reply.

    Thanking you,

  55. I have a Ganesha tapestry, i was curious what rules might apply to this?

  56. Hello, thank you for your information. My parents bought a standing 3 feet tall, non traditional Ganesh statue from an art gallery in Asheville, NC some years back and I brought it to my house recently as a decorative piece. I have it standing in my living room as part of our decor. It will never be used for puja. Please let me know if this is ok or if not, what I can do to remedy it…Thanks

  57. Hi I have a stone/clay ganesha and was given to me as a present. I believe in sikhism but as a god I don’t really want to throw it away. So where is it best to be placed as I never pray to it. Secondly I have heard that a Ganesha should be played over the main door, that is the bathroom above, and any what direction should it be placed

  58. Hi….can we place Ganesh image on bedroom’s wall if our feet does not point Ganesh’s idol….

  59. Hai…i bought dancing ganapathi house is north facing..where should I fix it??
    We have south wall and staircase wall both facing entrance door..
    And how can place an opposite one as it faces towards south which is not recommended…right.?

  60. Hi, we have one right side trunk ganaesh idol in our pooja room for more than 10years but we use to do daily nevaidhiyam(fruit, jaggery or channa dhal) and water, lighting lamp but when we are out of station we don’t do it. we have a sentiment of this idol as my grandma got this for us and now she is no more.after reading this article I realized we should not keep this at pooja room. but we don’t want to give it in temple neither in river. can we take it out of pooja room and keep it in ur cupboard as our grandma remembrance. can you please suggest .

  61. Dear Sir,
    I stays in flats. There is a flat just opposite to mine having common entrance. The flat owner already having Ganesha Idols on front wall. I want to keep some religious symbol (like swastika) or religious idol or idol of dog/some animal. But I don’t know how and what I can keep facing existing Ganesha Idols on wall of other flat. I have two questions: –
    1) If i don’t keep anything then, what its existence affect on our house (positive or negative)?
    2) Can I keep something in front of existing lord Ganesha?
    3) Any Remedies and precautions for same?


  62. Hi we have a showcase in the south and we have kept idols which have been given as gifts is it okay to place them there
    Usually people give ganeshas idols only for gifts sois it okay to keep them all

    • Hi Vasumathi,

      Please do not worry about keeping idols as show pieces. They won’t have gained any conciousness. So it’s safe to keep in any direction.

  63. Hi Shyam,
    I put a question around a month back. I think you missed that. Can please help me: –

    Dear Sir,
    I stays in flats. There is a flat just opposite to mine having common entrance. The flat owner already having Ganesha Idols on front wall. I want to keep some religious symbol (like swastika) or religious idol or idol of dog/some animal. But I don’t know how and what I can keep facing existing Ganesha Idols on wall of other flat. I have two questions: –
    1) If i don’t keep anything then, what its existence affect on our house (positive or negative)?
    2) Can I keep something in front of existing lord Ganesha?
    3) Any Remedies and precautions for same?


    • Hi Kunal,

      I apologize for the delay. Things are hectic here.

      Could you please tell us the direction of your wall?

      • My entrance is North facing.


        My Flat
        | | |

        | \ <-Main Door |
        Other Flat | | |
        | | |
        | |_____________|
        ^ ^
        (Wall Already (Wall where I
        Having Idols) wish to keep)


        Hope it will give good idea about my query.

  64. Sorry I wish I could illustrate using some diagram, but It reformated above and could not be read. Please find the direction from following link.


    • Hi Kunal,

      You could keep a Ganesh idol on your wall where Ganesha is facing north. It fine as your Ganesh will be facing north side and not South side. It will rectify any negative effects on your house caused by your neighbour’s Ganesha.

  65. Hello Shyam,

    I recently bough goddess Lakshmi idol especially for the Varalakshmi puja. I have been thinking to put it in my puja mandir only during the Varalakshmi puja and place it in my showcase for the rest of the year. Is this advisable? If yes, Can I put it up in the Southeast corner of my living room?

    Thanks In Advance!

  66. Hi Krishnaveni,

    If you are worshipping lakshmi, I would suggest you to keep in your puja mandir (If this is the only Lakshmi idol in your mandir), otherwise, keep it outside in your showcase.

    North East Corner is preferred, if it’s not available, you can keep in South East Corner.

  67. Can you explain or show evidence to support where in religious scriptures it is written that Ganesha idols should be placed in pairs? Don’t reply with BS just prove your statements are true and not marketing hype.

  68. I have Ganesh painting which is done by myself. It’s trunk I cannot find out right or not. It seems to be on air but on right hand side. This Ganesh having snake on its stomach. Can I keep that painting in my house & where can I keep this. If it is possible to send that painting I will send but I don’t know how to send you.
    Awaiting your reply.

  69. I want to place a Ganesha Idol on my House Door facing East (when we come out of house we walk in east direction where we have passage & stairs going down).
    We also own an adjacent flat which also opens again on east (blank wall) but this door is used seldomly.

    Let me know what idols can be placed in either doors.

    Also if Ganesha is placed on Main Door then is Back facing Ganesha Idol also to be placed along with it. What is advisable can we put a Ganesha Idol on other side of Wall?

  70. Hi does the photos & Idols has different procedures, how if the photo of Siddhi Vinayak is kept inside the pooja stand with grilled doors on it?

  71. Hi
    I kept ganesh ji idol at my home entrance but someone has stolen tat. It was facing north. Is it a gud sign or bad?

    • Hi Arpita,

      Don’t worry! It’s not a bad sign.

      Imagine you bought a new dress and when you try it at home you found mud on it. Would you say, that’s a bad omen? No right? Similarly, someone stealing your stuff does not mean it’s a bad sign.

      Buy a new one and this time make sure you do not keep it somewhere people can steal.


  72. Hi

    We are keeping Ganesh at home on Ganesh Chaturthi doing pooja for 5 days , every year from past 8 yrs . last year we did not bring/place Ganesh for some unavoidable reasons(as Wife had an abortion next day). Can we continue placing the same from this year again , or stop bringing/placing Ganesh. Really urgent. Please help and suggest.

  73. Hi.

    Can we keep this ganpati for 3 Days or four days & after that we can make visarjan for the same.
    Please gave your suggestion.


  74. I had a photo of ganesha laxmi saraswati at my home (at my puja ghar). I replaced it with a new one. What should I do with the old photograph.

  75. Can we keep both picture of Shiva and shiv ling at puja ghar.

  76. HI, I have a silver tone Ganesha which I want to keep it in my office. Currently I have placed it in such that I am facing East/north east while performing puja. Can you please let me know if this is fine.. or do I need to make any changes.. THanks

  77. I have been gifted with a Ganesh heavy plastic in red color… The trunk going right. Pls suggest a place to keep, bringing good luck. Thank you.

  78. Hi, i have kept ganpati frame on the south wall of my drawing room facing towards the door (entrance is on North so when I open the door straight away frame can be seen)is it ok to place like that.And also I have astganpati idol which has ganpati with it’s trunk on right side but I have placed it in showcase in West direction and daily I give dhoop with incense stick…is it ok with it or should stop doing it…pls reply 🙏

  79. I had placed panchaganesh in south east corner of my house in my living room exactly and that faces entrance almost coz my entrance is in north direction while we are going out we go in north hen east direction after coming from my main door . Another Ganesh pic is there in south wall of my living room facing north partially faces main door . Again another showpiece pen stand type is there in north east corner of my house.Please tell me is it good

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