Scenic Landscape or Flower Art – What to Gift on a Housewarming Occasion?

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So your friend has a new house. And you are invited to her house-warming ceremony. You have decided to gift her an art painting. Great choice!

But which one: landscape or floral? What could be a better gift?

The fact is, you cannot always choose one over the other. Sometimes landscape paintings prove a better option, while sometimes flower paintings come good. When to gift ‘what’ depends on certain factors. Here are the factors you need to keep in mind to make the perfect choice.

Think about Your FriendKeep Friend in Mind – When you visit art shops and online galleries to buy paintings, always remember, you are buying the painting for your friend, not for you. She might be more interested in paintings illustrating snow covered mountain valleys or rocky waterfalls. Some might be excited about the idea of having a beautiful landscape painting like a lush green paddy field in their room. But, others might be more of a ‘flower person’. So, keep your friend in mind. Buy what she would like to have in her room.

Size of HouseSize of the House – Once you have an idea about the likes and dislikes of your friend, things might get a bit easier. However, there are other things that need your attention. For example, size of the house and its rooms. The size of the painting you need to buy depends on this.

We all know that landscape paintings look better on large canvas rather than small one. Landscape paintings are meant for the walls of living room. On the other hand, floral paintings look better on a small canvas. They are meant to be displayed in the dining room. Suppose your friend loves beautiful landscape paintings. But, there is no room for hanging the painting in her living room. If so, what is the point in gifting landscape paintings to her?

Hue of Painting Hue of Painting – The shade of paint used for the new house is as important as the size of the walls. The painting you buy for your friend should go with the hue of the paint used for her new home. Once it appears on the wall, it should feel as if the landscape or floral painting is a part of the wall. This kind of a ‘negotiation’ is hard to find, but once you do, you will know, you have nailed it! If the colour used for the walls is bright and lively, landscape paintings could be a great negotiator. However, if the colour is calm and smooth, floral art is what you need to choose.

Landscape PaintingBring Greenery to Concrete Jungle – It does matter whether the new house is in a bustling city or a serene village. If the house is in a city, a good landscape painting illustrating the lush green lands of the village or some waterfalls in a dense forest could do the trick. It could well bring the calmness of a village to the new home. However, for a new home in village, floral paintings could make a better gift.

Vasthu PaintingEffect on ‘Vastu’ – ‘Vastu’ is a traditional architectural science. It is a science that tells us how certain kind of paintings can attract positive energy. You just have to use it in the right way. ‘Vastu’ says, if paintings with water bodies are hung on the north wall, it can attract wealth. According to ‘Vastu’, the east wall should be decorated with paintings of rising sun or flowers and fruits. The paintings with high mountains or anything that shows strength should go on the south or west wall of the house.

If you know your friend’s likes, the size of the house and its hue, half your job is done. You now know what painting to choose to buy for her. Now, you just need to decide your budget and a place to buy the painting. Do not wait up. Head to and start shopping!

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