How to Select Radiant Feng Shui Flower Paintings for Your Bedroom

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Years ago, my wife and I had an interesting conversation about choosing feng shui paintings.  We just had bought an apartment and were planning its interior decoration.

My wife wanted orchid flower paintings and I wanted peony paintings in our bedroom. Since both of us were novice to feng shui paintings, we decided to consult with a feng shui expert before making our final decision.

We made an appointment with a local feng shui expert and asked our doubts.  The expert effortlessly answered our questions and in the end, it became obvious to us — orchid flower paintings were the ideal ones for our bedroom.

Do you know why?

The reason is simple – the feng shui science says, different flowers produce different kinds of energy.  If we keep wrong flower paintings, it would produce distorted energy around us.  And this wrong energy might result in unexpected outcomes.  We definitely don’t want that to happen.  So, we decided to stick with our feng shui expert’s suggestion and hung orchid paintings in our bedroom.

In this post, I’m going to reveal those tips we learned during that consultation.  So, stick around if you are looking for a flower paintings guide for your bedroom.

Types of Feng Shui Flowers Paintings and the Expected Results 

The concept of Feng Shui revolves around decorating your life with what the Chinese call “Chi” or positive energy. The more positive energy you have around yourself, the better your life would be. By using positive flower paintings, you improve the “Chi” around so that it brings more happiness, better health, good luck, and good fortunes to you.

Let us see some of the popular feng shui flowers that attract positive “chi” energy. 

Cherry Blossom Paintings

Cherry Blossoms – The blossoming Cherry represents freshness and innocence in a living being. It represents the start of something new. Therefore, it’s an ideal painting for a newly married couple.

Feng Shui experts recommend use of these flower paintings in bedrooms of couples troubled by relationship problems. The ‘Chi energy’ produced by Cherry Blossom paintings is said to improve longevity of relationships. 

Peony Paintings

Peony Flowers – In Feng shui, Peony corresponds to love and romance.  Its said to attract romantic relationships and wealth for an individual. Peony flower also symbolizes warmth and love in relationships.

According to feng shui experts, a couple should never hang flowering peony painting in their bedroom, as it would result in attractions with other women. On the flipside, if you are a single man, you should hang this flower painting in your bedroom! (Reasons should be obvious, right?) If you are a young woman, place paintings of peony flowers outside your bedroom, as this helps in attracting your ideal husband.

Lotus Paintings

Lotus –  Lotus is a favourite flower in feng shui science. It represents enlightenment and purity.  Just the way a lotus stands above muddy water without giving any glimpse of the polluted things underneath, the vibrant positive energy from a Lotus paintings enlighten you over worldly problems.

According to feng shui, Lotus also symbolizes good health, and harmonious living. Lotus paintings also represent wealth and prosperity. A lotus painting therefore is an ideal gift to buy for a house warming ceremony.

Narcissus Paintings

Narcissus – These beautiful flowers are used as a career and education cure. It is believed that the “chi” energy from Narcissus flowers can reveal and develop hidden talents in a person.

According to Chinese, hanging Narcissus flower paintings in ones room would definitely help them in growing career and abilities. The positive energy from these flowers are expected to deliver the recognitions and awards a person is entitled to receive for his hard work and dedication in his field of work or study.  Therefore, Chinese believe Narcissus flowers are good for luck and prosperity.

So, if you are searching for a good luck gift for a student or employee, a Narcissus painting would be a thoughtful gift.

Rose Flower Paintings

Rose Flowers – Rose is not only a favourite flower for Feng Shui experts, but also a well accepted flower in many parts of the world. The colors of Rose have special meaning.

Feng Shui says, Red rose is a symbol of love (Might be the reason why we give Red roses for Valentine’s Day, right?). Yellow rose stands for friendship and white rose for purity. Generally, roses are helpful to improve the love among family members.

Orchids Painting

Orchids – Orchids are the second most important flower in Feng Shui science. That is because – these beautiful flowers represent love, beauty, fertility, and abundance in one’s life.  The ‘Chi” energy from Orchids attract good luck and harmony to a family. Orchids also symbolize purity, spiritual growth, and perfection in ones life. For a career-oriented person, an Orchid painting corresponds to abundance of opportunities and success waiting for him.

The romantic symbolism of Orchids is even more interesting. According to feng shui, Orchids are the ideal flower for lovers and married couples, because they represent long lasting love. The flora denotes, you not only love them, but also care about them in a profound way.

The Orchids also represent a fertility cure in feng shui.  According to Chinese, hanging Orchid paintings in your bedroom would definitely bring several offspring to your home.

Chrysanthemum Paintings

Chrysanthemum – According to Feng Shui, this flower represents life at ease and balance. It symbolizes laughter, joy and happiness.

It also symbolizes the abundance of Yang Energy – the energy helping you with good luck and longevity in all your endeavors.

These flowers also stand for nobility and good health. Thus, if you are short of good luck with anything, try these flower paintings.

Jasmine Paintings

Jasmine – This white flower signify energy and confidence. It also symbolizes the optimism one has towards life.  By placing, Jasmine flower paintings, you can bring sense of well being and joy to your home.

Jasmine also stand for friendship in feng shui. If you are visiting a friend and planning to give a gift, paintings of Jasmine is an ideal gift you can buy. 

Now, let us see which ones are ideal for bedrooms.

What Flower Paintings to Use in Your Bedroom? 

It must be evident to you by know – not all paintings are suitable for a bedroom.  So what should you do?  Select paintings that match with the ambience of a bedroom.

A bedroom is place for romance and relaxation. It is where we rest and enjoy the company of our spouse.  And when you think about the flower paintings associated with these two human emotions, can you see any other flowers other than these three – Orchids, Cherry Blossoms and Peony?

So what paintings should you use in your bedroom? It all depends on what you want to accomplish with these paintings.  If you are just looking for decoration, you can simply buy any painting that look beautiful for you. However, if you want to take full advantage of feng shui science, you should have a purpose.

Paintings for Romance and Marriage – As we saw, Peony paintings are perfect for this goal. They are said to attract positive relationships. These paintings also help in keeping warmth and love in relationships.

Paintings for Fertility and Long Lasting Love – Orchid paintings are ideal if you are planning to become a parent.  The “chi” energy from purple orchid paintings are said to improve fertility and fetch good luck to your family.

Paintings for Healing Relationships – Blossoming cherry paintings are good for  this type of people. These paintings are said to improve longevity of relationships.  Blossoming cherry flowers represents start of something new and therefore are perfect for newlyweds.

Paintings for Students and Career Advancement – Narcissus paintings are good for pupils and creative professionals. These flowers are said to bring good luck and recognitions for career advancement.

Paintings for Prosperity and Wealth – Lotus or Daffodil (Narcissus) paintings are ideal for these type of people. These flowers are recommended to bring fortune and wealth for an individual.

Rules to Follow When Keeping Flower Paintings in Bedroom 

Once you have decided on the type of flower paintings, you now need to follow some rules before hanging them in your bedroom. These rules are straightforward and easy to follow. 

  • Get Flowers in Pair – Feng Shui recommends paired flower painting for romance and love. So, if your goal is better relationship, avoid paintings with single flower.
  • Avoid Water in Flower Paintings – In feng shui science, water body drains the ‘chi energy’ around you. The same applies to paintings too.  So, try to avoid paintings that have water in it.
  • Never Use Paintings with Dying Flowers – Paintings of dying or dry flowers represent weak ‘chi’ energy. Since we are trying to improve the positive energy around us, avoid these types of paintings.
  • Do not Mix Different Types of Flower Paintings – Mixed paintings produce mixed emotions.  Unless you have more than one important goal, never use different types of flower paintings in your bedroom.

There you go.  I hope now you know why it’s a bad idea to keep peony paintings in married couple’s bedroom.

Now, a question for you.

Do you have flower paintings in your bedroom? What flower paintings are you using in your bedroom? Why did you hung flower paintings? Share your comments with us.

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7 Responses to “How to Select Radiant Feng Shui Flower Paintings for Your Bedroom”

  1. Hi. Thank you for the article, it is very useful! However I am just not so sure about one say that if I am single woman i should place images of peony OUTSIDE the bedroom. Can you tell me why is that? I just got out of bad relationship and want to attract new, good love to my life. What kind of flower images can I put IN my bedroom (i wanted to hang it opposite my bed)? I would be eternally grateful for your answer!

  2. Can I place all these flowers on the same wall.

    Please suggest a way out as I want to place multiple flowers in the same room.

  3. Hi dear
    My name is Jyoti.
    I m from mumbai.
    I live on rent with my friend.
    I have been cheated by friend for money.
    I want to recover my money as soon as possible.
    I m the only working in family.
    Please help me out.
    I am starting paintings for my peace of mind.
    Can u advise me what paintings will be good as I will gift most of them.

    Please please do guide me.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jyoti,

      Sad to hear your story. I would suggest you to keep calm landscapes in your room for peace of mind. Photographs of serene locations like lake, boats, rain etc will surely make your mind pleasant.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Hi,
    This is a very helpful article as I am an amateur Feng Shui student. I am an artist/educator and have moved into a homeshare situation where my bedroom is really my ‘home”, so have feng shuieyed it as such; hanging a 2 mtre painting of beautiful pink lillies in the romance corner along with paintings of couples dancing and sitting on the beach. I also did a huge painting of a purple Iris lilly and not sure which part of the room to put it….perhaps the wealth corner?
    Thank you.

  5. Hi I am a single women and want to marry a perfect men which is suitable with me…and I am confuse about what you said “outside the bedroom” plz plz clear me..I am waiting for your response and you can text me in given email id

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