Should You Make Your Own Art Prints?

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Novice home decorators often do this- making art prints at home. It is easy, quick and cheap. But, did you know, you are actually spending too much time and money for creating something mediocre? 

In my opinion, there are two kinds of people who would try art printing at home: amateur home decorators and amateur artists. Amateur home decorators download digital copy of art from the web and make prints. Amateur artists scan their own art and make prints. No one admits that the results they get are something far from usable. What are they doing wrong? Why is art printing at home a bad idea?

Here, we explain the different problems in making art prints at home and the factors affecting the quality of prints.

Copyright ViolationCopyright Violation: Art is a copyrighted creation. Unless, it is a free to use art, you have to get permission from the artist before printing it. If you are downloading art from the web and printing it, you are actually making a copyright violation.

A professional print-maker knows such problems. Therefore, makes sure they are only selling licensed copies of art. This way, a customer always gets a legal copy of original art.

Canvas MaterialHome printing is equal to printing on paper: Printing art at home means printing art on normal printing paper. How long will these prints last? A year? Two? Printing art on normal paper is nothing more than wasting paper, ink, money and time.

The professional fine art printing companies use canvas. This is entirely different from paper. Canvas lasts several years. Many of the professional printing companies also offer special protective coating for better durability. A properly protected canvas art print can last a century!

No professionalism: Professionals know how to get things done. Amateurs struggle. It is that simple! When you try to make your own art print, the final print is either broken or distorted. The strokes are not aligned or the face in the portrait is smudged. Things like this often happen with amateur print-makers.

If you are thinking of printing downloaded art, there is yet another problem. The PPI, or Pixels Per Inch, determines the quality of each print. A normal inkjet printer prints at 300 ppi and a high quality print at about 700 ppi. For printing art for home décor, the image needs to be at least 180-250 ppi. But, the PPI of downloaded images are normally less than 100. So, if you print it, you will get highly pixelated art print.

Canvas PrinterNo access to high-end equipments: Professional print-makers own high-end equipments to create high quality art prints. If you are thinking about buying a high-end printer, here is a bad news. It costs lakhs. And these printers need special inks, which costs thousands of rupees. Not one, but six to eight ink cartridges. Still want to own one? Think about expense for parts and servicing too. Might help to change your mind!


Less SatisfactionLess than Satisfactory Result: Suppose you did everything right. You got a perfect art print. Can you just hang this print on the wall with no protection? It will get destroyed in no time! So, you have to frame the print. An expense you did not ask for!

Framing is a need if you want to keep the art for long. But, framing a small piece of paper will not yield the result you hoped for. It won’t look as elegant as a real art print. Just another reason why you should not print art yourself. Most of professional art companies provide framed art prints. So you only have to buy and hang on your walls.

It is hard to get all these factors right while making art print at home. You can buy high-end equipments and quality canvas. But, you cannot buy the skill of a professional printmaker. So, we say, leave the printmaking to professional people. You just worry about choosing the art print. After all, a quality art print is what you want, right?

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