6 Simple Tips for Buying Fine Art for Your Home

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Are you planning to buy fine art for your home?  Have you decided on the type, size and number of art pieces you want to use in your room?

Any interior designer would tell you, beauty of a home does not depend on “what” you chose, but it depends on “how” you chose and how you arrange. If you selected wrong art, the whole idea of decoration won’t work for you. So it’s essential that you select correct art for your home.

In this post, we will tell you six basic recommendations for choosing fine art.

#1 Always Select Framed Art

Frames are beautiful.

Always Select Framed Art

You know, you have many options when it comes to wall decor.  You could use wall decals, posters, framed art, photographs, clocks or wall-sculptures to beautify your wall.

But, when it comes to wall décor, framed art always wins. Why?  Because frames offer several benefits that others can’t claim.

The main benefit of framed art is of course the beauty of its frame.  A frame not only adds class to any piece of art, but also enhances its beauty. A thoughtfully selected frame also complements your home décor.

Additionally, these frames work as a protective structure to prevent your art from getting damaged. You can also add specialized glasses to frames to further protect your art piece from sun light and pollutants.

The benefits do not end there. Framed art are also easy to move and clean. They are very easy to hang. When hanged, framed art are less prone to falling, as they are more rigid than unframed canvas art or posters.

So what do you think? Does other wall décor products bring this much beauty and convenience to you? I’m sure, they don’t. So, always select framed art for your wall décor.  It not only protects your art, but also decorates it too.

#2 Define the Purpose

Paintings for Living Room

Paintings for Living Room

It’s said that any course of action without a purpose is a time waster. Unless you have a clear goal why you want to hang art on your wall, whatever you do on your wall would end up worth nothing.

So, let me ask you once again: why do you really want to hang art on wall?

If you answered, “to decorate it”, then you have not thought enough! We need a more specific answer.

Why do you really want to hang art on your wall? Do you want your room to be more welcoming or relaxing? Or do you want your room to be more playful for your kids? What’s the real purpose of hanging art?

Depending on that purpose, you have to decide what types of art you need to use. For instance, a bedroom needs relaxing art paintings, because that’s where we relax. So select relaxing landscape or seascape paintings for your bedroom.

Living rooms are for starting conversations and playfulness, so we need to use art that energizes our soul. What is better than art of rising sun or beautiful flowers for this room?

Similarly, in your dining room, you need to use art that increases your appetite. So go for paintings of food, drinks, fruits or vegetables. You could also keep art of plants, trees or dinnerware in this room.

That’s, you have to be certain about the purpose before hanging art painting in any room of your home.

#3 Complement the Color of Your Wall


Hang art that complements your wall color.

Just like how different types of art paintings influence us, the wall colors also affects us.

Normally, people would paint living room with bright colors and bedrooms with neutral colors so that we feel more energetic in our living room and relaxed in our bedroom.

So, when we hang art in these rooms, we should not disturb the moods these colors have already created.  Because of this, we have to pick artwork that match with purpose of the room and complement its wall color.

But, how do you select art paintings that complement with wall colors, especially when you plan to buy abstract art with lots of colors? Well, it’s easy. You just have to match with the dominating color.

Look at art piece from a longer distance. What color do you see at a glance? Which is the dominant color you noticed?  That is the influencing color of that painting.  Now, you just have to make sure this color complements with your wall color. Please note that, you don’t need a cent percent match. Slight variations are acceptable.

#4 Go for Larger Frames

Select Larger Frames

Select Larger Frames

Would you prefer to see movies in small screen or big screen?  If you are like most of us, you would definitely love to watch movies in a big screen.  It’s also same with art paintings.  The beauty of an art magnifies when you see it on a big canvas.  So, if possible, always go for larger frame sizes.

I know It may sound like common sense when we say this. But we didn’t mean to go for the biggest frames your wallet can handle.  What we meant is this… you should go for the biggest allowed frame size for your wall.

To know the allowed maximum frame size, you have to measure the open wall space. Please discount any windows, furniture, showcases and other things when you calculate the open wall space. Once you get this value, find out the longest side, take 2/3rd of that size and see if there are any frames close to this size.

If your art shop doesn’t have larger frames, you can go for multiple frames. You just have to divide the maximum allowed size with length of biggest frame.  Then, you will get the number of frames you need.

It’s also worthwhile to go for multiple frames when you have larger walls (more than 6m in length).

#5 Hang in Groups

Hang in Groups

Hang in Groups

Do you know we are always attracted to symmetry? Be it jewelry or furniture, we always pick things that are symmetrical to our eyes.  Similarly, we get more pleasure if we see art arranged in symmetry.

Don’t believe me? Well, try this experiment. Take two wall frames. Hang one art on your wall. See how it looks. Then hang both in a way there is some symmetry in the group. Which arrangement do you think is more beautiful? I’m sure you selected the second one. That’s because our mind loves symmetry.

For this reason, we always recommend to hang art in groups. You need at least two art pieces to create a group. Depending on the size of your wall, you could add more number of frames to your arrangement. You could also enhance beauty of large walls by hanging art in multiple groups.

To get an idea how you could align multiple frames as group, check out our page about hanging art.

So, if you are planning to buy art for your wall, make sure you select multiple paintings and arrange them in groups.

#6 Buy What You Love

Buy What You Love

Buy What You Love

Finally… the most important of all.  Buy art that you really love. I can’t stress this enough.

Your interior designer and friends might tell you to buy things they like. Don’t listen to them. You are the one living in your house and not them. So make sure, you buy the art that you truly love.

If you buy art that you didn’t like, chances are high that you will soon hate to see them on your wall. It would seriously disturb the purpose we had initially planned when we thought about hanging art on our walls.  Therefore, take time, do a lot of research and decide your purchase.

I’ve also noticed people buying copies of popular art for their walls. This is the stupidest thing you can do. Popularity doesn’t mean the same art would look good on your home wall. Unless of course, you truly love that particular artwork, never pick them for you home.


So what we learned here? Art buying for home is only worthwhile if you plan them ahead. We have to define purpose, decide on the size, number and type of art before we can actually buy a framed art.

Your Turn

What other things would you recommend for a new art buyer?  Did you select art for your home yourself or did anyone help you? What kind of paintings do you like for your home? Share you views with us.

If you are struggling to find beautiful art for your home, take a look at our arts section. We have a large collection of some of the beautiful fine art prints from around the world. We are sure you will find many beautiful ones for your home.

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