The Bride’s ‘How to’ Guide to Planning a Wedding Gift Registry

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Indian Bride

Are you getting married soon? Congratulations!

It sure is one of the most important days of your life, if not the most. And of course, most memorable too.

You get a life-partner to share your joy and despair. You get new friends and relatives to love and care. And, you get lots and lots of wedding gifts! What more can you possibly ask for?

But, the thing with these gifts is, you can’t exactly predict or choose what you are going to get. Until now!

Thanks to wedding registries, now you can choose what gift you want to get on your wedding. Here is a look at what wedding gift registries are and how you can use it to your advantage.

What are Wedding Gift Registries? 

Gift Registry

So, what are these wedding registries, after all? Well, in simple words, a wedding gift registry is a ‘wish-list’ of a newly engaged couple: a list of items the couple would like to receive as their wedding gift. The bride and the groom should sit together, think about things you may need in the life forward and make a list.

For example, think about what you would be doing most frequently: hosting dinners or going for trips and camping. If hosting dinners come up as a favorite, add dinnerware, tableware, glassware, etc. into your wish list. If camping is your thing, choose camping gear, like backpacks, sleeping bags etc, to include in your list.

It does not matter if the size of your ‘wish list’ keeps getting bigger and bigger. It is only going to help the guests. But still, be reasonably realistic with the items you choose. I mean, if you won’t be using a large serving plate quite often, don’t include a large serving plate on the list. If you already have a microwave oven in your kitchen, don’t include it on your list either. Just because something appears on a kitchen-checklist in some random magazine, doesn’t mean you should add it on your list. At least, consider the storage space needed for all those extras. So, stick to what you need and what you have on the list already.

Mostly, these wedding gift registries are set-up online and, on rare occasions, offline. Once the ‘wish list’ is ready, your next challenge is getting the word out. If you are thinking about mentioning about the gift registry on the wedding invitation, you are thinking about breaching a very important Indian wedding etiquette: not to ask our guests to bring gifts. The bottom line is, you have to rely on word of mouth for the publicity part. By the way, there are more such etiquettes that you need to follow while creating wedding gift registries. To know more, keep reading.

Rules You Need to Follow 

Yes, it is your wedding and your wedding gift registry. But still, there are some etiquette, some rules, you are supposed to follow while using these gift registries. Here are some of the important ones.

Never Advertise on Wedding Invitation: There is something funny about the Indian wedding invitations. Wedding invitations usually carry a silent obligation to buy a gift, but never explicitly mentioned. You may have noticed tiny notes such as “No presents please” or “Presents in blessing only” in invitations. These are perfect examples of such hidden messages. It may appear at first that the couple is not expecting any gifts; but in reality, these messages are there to remind you about gifts.

Similarly, once your gift registry is setup, it might appear demanding to ‘cleverly’ bring up the message on to your wedding invitation. But experts say, you are not even supposed to mention ‘no gifts, please’ on the wedding invitation! So, quite simply, get rid of the idea of talking about it on your invitation. Instead, rely on the ‘word of mouth’ act to spread the word. Ask your relatives, close friends etc. to help you out with spreading the word about this gift registry. Use social media websites to let your friends know about it. Whatever you do, never mention it on your wedding card.


Plan in Advance: When to prepare these wedding gift registries, there is another question that looms around you- ‘when should I start planning?’ The answer is, as early as possible! Don’t wait until the month of your wedding to prepare and publish the gift registry. Get it done as early as possible, as spreading the word about gift registry might not turn out to be as smooth as you expected.

Remember the Traditions: Another thing you need to remember is never to force anyone to follow gift registries: not your family, not your friends, just no one. Let all the guests know about the wedding gift registry you have prepared and let them choose the sides. Some people may not welcome the idea of gift registries, especially your relatives who root for traditions and customs. Again, do not force them.

Prepare an Exhaustive Registry: When it comes to the number of gifts in the wish list, they say, the more, the better. You might think adding more gifts to the registry will only help to picture you as a ‘greedy’ couple, but you are actually helping the guests by adding more items to the list. More items in the list mean more options for the guests.

You might already be thinking about a gift registry with all the modern home décor stuff and camping gears, but, let me tell you, add some traditional gifts too. I mean, there are people who love the idea of traditional gifting.

Blend Items: A good wedding gift registry will be a perfect blend of price and types of gifts. The gift registry should not be some list, just for your rich uncle Rishi! Make the list in such a way that every guest is able to find something good and affordable. You may also include an option to gift cash. But yes, adding personal items to the gift registry is not desirable. I mean, the gift registry is not for the bride or for the groom; it is for the couple.

Do not expect every item in the wish list to be in among the bundle of wedding gifts you receive. The wedding gift registry is just a suggestion for the guests. They might buy something else for you, which they think you might like. Who knows, it might be a huge surprise waiting for you!

Finally, don’t forget send a thank-you note for the giver, expressing your appreciation and gratitude. In this case too, the sooner, the better. Give yourself a one-month window to start sending thank you notes.

Advantages of Using Gift Registries 

Talking about advantages of using gift registries, the primary advantage is, of course, you get the gifts you wanted. Gift registries also, to an extent, take away the possibility of ‘duplicate’ gifts. When you look at it from a giver’s point of view, gift registries save time and some effort.

If you decide to setup a gift registry for the wedding, in a way, you are helping the guests by taking out the guessing work out of the equation. I mean, buying gifts for someone is, at times, like searching for your own shadow in a darkroom. Of course, you know that by now! So, if you look into the advantages of using gift registries, it’s a win-win situation for both you and the giver: a perfect scenario.

Indian Gift Registry Services 

As you might have already guessed, wedding registries are not that popular in India. However, the concept of “choosing your own wedding gifts” is gaining popularity: with it, online wedding gift registries too. This growing popularity is giving birth to quite a number of new online wedding gift registry services. One of them is

In fact, is the first Indian gift registry portal. To create a gift registry, browse through the available products on the website and keep adding whatever you wish to have on your ‘wish list’. You also have an option to add your own products to the registry, products you can’t find on the website. Once you are done adding, you spread the word about the registry among the wedding guests.

Another online service for creating gift registry is Both the websites are similar in functionalities, but my vote goes to for the simple looks and ease of use. There are also other online gift registry services too, like the DLF Empario gift registry, gift registry, etc. which are worth giving a try.

So, there you have the whole story of wedding gift registries. We talked about what wedding gift registries are, the rules you are supposed to follow while setting up gift registries, advantages and different websites that offer this service today in India. So, what are you waiting for? Talk to your would-be life partner and try setting up a wedding gift registry of your own. Do it while you can; you will not get another chance.

What do you think about wedding gift registries? Would you create one, if you got a chance? if you decide to create an online gift registry for your wedding, which kind of gifts would you include in the registry? Have your say in the comments.

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