The Dumbest Mistake Amateur Home Decorators Make

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Amateur home decorators are dumb! They plan everything well, but often fails at this crucial point. Do you know what that is?

They mismatch different types of art paintings.

In fact, this is the dumbest idea you can bring into home décor. It is analogous to naming both your twins ‘Jack’. Confusion is all that follows.

Mixing different types of art

You can decorate individual rooms in your home in different styles. No problem. But, when you mix traditional and contemporary art paintings in the same room, disaster happens! Here is how.

You Open the Box of Mixed Emotions

Different rooms need different art. You are supposed to use art that goes with the mood of each room. For instance, art in living room has to be spontaneous and lively. Art in bedroom should be calm and serene. In dining room, you need an art painting that improves appetite.

So, what happens when you use many styles in a room? You get clash of emotions.

Imagine you hang a lively art in the bedroom along with some landscape paintings. What feeling would you get? Do you get the same relaxing sense that you would get when you place only landscape painting? I am afraid not.

Think about it. Do you want the same feeling of mixed emotions when you walk into other rooms of your house? This is the difference we are talking about! Therefore, do not place non-compliant art in any room. That would defy the purpose of home decor.

Your Room Looks Artificial

The success of home décor is in the success of making your rooms look natural. Everything in the room has to complement each other. Nothing should look ‘extra’ or ‘artificially planted’. When you use multiple themed paintings in your room, it will certainly appear artificial.

It will be like weeds in a pond. They spoil the whole beauty of a pond. You know the room does not need an extra art painting. But, you allow it to be there. You want to make yourself believe that these are good additions to your room. However, this made-up look can only help in ruining the aesthetics of your room.

Your Neighbours Will Tag You Dumb

Imagine an Indian style living room. A room decorated with traditional Indian furniture. On one wall, hangs a classic and traditional painting that resembles a mural. Opposite to that, hangs a modern and realistic landscape painting. Does this sound attractive to you? Not to me. In fact, this is why people say, ‘new and old do not match’.

In this home, the owner has used traditional and modern art in the same room. She hopes that the ‘modern’ painting would give the room a modern outlook without draining the traditional ambience. Do you think this will work? I am afraid it will not!

However, this would certainly help you in getting tagged as dumb. After all, who would hang an ultra-modern painting in a traditional home? Sounds like planting the weed in your pond!

Home Decor like Art GalleryYou Create an Art Gallery

Have you ever been to an art gallery? There, different types and styles of paintings are on display in a room. A Ravi Varma painting might sit next to a famous M. F. Husain work. A seascape painting might sit near to a modern art.

It does not seem artificial. It does not look dumb either. Because, art galleries are built for a purpose: to display art. All they care about is how well the art is arranged.

If you are doing the same at your home, remember this: you will be creating an art gallery and not a beautiful home. If you are okay with that, go ahead and arrange art in mixed style and types. Otherwise, consider both aesthetics and emotions before using art.

So, now you know why mix-matching different types of art is a dumb idea. Therefore, if you are thinking about a beautiful home, make sure you only use art that goes with the room and its mood.

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