The Five Kinds of Gift Givers – Which One Are You?

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What kind of gift giver are you?

I find myself in the category of ‘last minute gift giver’, because, most of the times I buy gifts at the last minute.  Are you also like that?  Or are you a collectible person or a gadget guru?

Well, if you don’t know it yet, read on and find out yourself.

Endowers of Experience

Endowers of Experience

Gifting experiences is kind of exciting, don’t you think?  For some, gift giving means, gifting experience.  And these people pick up ideas from simple conversations with you and when the day of gifting arrives, they completely surprise us.

I too had one such experience. Once, I happened to talk about adventure parks and the reason I haven’t visited one to a bunch of my friends. Can you guess what I got as a gift on my next birthday? Yes, a blast of a day at one of the best adventure parks in our area!

If you too are someone who loves gifting experience, you are one of the elite ‘endowers of experience’.


The Safe Players: People who Gift Collectibles

Diamond Ring

Do you buy art prints or idols for gifting? Most people buy these collectibles as gifts because they like to play it ‘safe’. In addition to this, art prints offer a great deal of variety. You can gift art prints and idols on any occasion and to anyone.

These art paintings can impress anyone with their charm and it can always come handy when it comes to home décor. A quality art can add to the charm of any house. When it comes to idols, these religious idols are always accepted and are treated as a gift of significance by most people. This is why art paintings and idols are always a safe gift.

Last Minute Gift Givers: People who Gift Money

Gift Cards

If you always find yourself gifting money to newlyweds and new house owners, you probably are the extreme last minute gift giver. Don’t worry, I am here to keep you company as a last minute gift giver.

Every year, I promise not to wait till the last minute to buy gifts. But, when the time comes, I find myself running around like loony in the loonyland! At the end of this madness, I usually end up gifting money or gift vouchers.

This could be the story of your life too. But, this doesn’t mean we are doing it wrong. If our daily schedule allowed us enough time, we would have definitely found some excellent gifts, right?

Gadget Gurus

Gadget Gurus

Well, this has to be the trend of the century! Everybody seems to be obsessed with these modern gadgets. Even a five-year-old longs for a PlayStation as his next birthday gift. Following this trend, people buy gadgets.

To be fair, if you are buying gifts for youngsters, there is no other gift that will make them more happier. Frankly, I too share this crush for gadgets. But, only if I’m on the receiving side.

Embracer of Charity


Once, Rabindranath Tagore said, ‘service is joy’. Even today, if you look around, it won’t be that hard to find someone who share the same thought. There are people who dedicate their birthdays and anniversaries to do charity work. The gift they love is the ‘service to humanity’. They do a day’s service or contribute to the day’s expenditure to a charity home. Are you one such philanthropist? Well then, you are an embracer of charity.

So, again, which type of a gift giver are you? Why do you prefer these gifts? Can you suggest any other type of gift giver? Share your thoughts via comments.

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