The Good and Bad of Buying Gifts at Pricey Malls

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Shopping MallsAre you planning to buy gifts from a mall?

Wait a minute!

Don’t you want to know the good and bad of shopping at these malls?

Who knows! There might be a better alternative for you out there.

Online shops are definitely a close competition for these malls. These online outlets are staging a stiff fight against the growing culture of shopping from large malls.

Let’s see what these online shops has to offer in comparison to the pricey malls.

The Good  Part

Shopping with Your Family

Shopping with your family can be fun. When everything you need is available under one roof, things just look right on the money. This is the best thing about visiting shopping malls: the ultimate shopping experience.

But, what about online shopping? Well, not every online shop can offer the same experience of a mall. But, online shops can be less pricey. If you are looking to have a good time, shopping with your family, shopping malls are the place to visit. But, be ready to throw a few extra bucks on what you buy.

Everything under one roof’ Everything under one roof’ is the slogan for most shopping malls. When you walk into a mall, you are going to be greeted with an overwhelming list of exclusive showrooms. Both local and international. This is the kind of variety, some people want to explore, especially when buying gifts.

But, in online shops, you may not come across those exclusive boutiques. Rather, one website will have products from different brands. Most websites do provide the option to filter products from specific brands. But, for some people, it is the word ‘exclusive’ that matters!

At malls, you can touch and feel the gift. When shopping online, you have to be content with pictures and videos of the product. If there is one argument that put shopping malls in front of online shops, this is it. Some people are still not sure about buying products without actually getting a feel of it. But, reliability of these online shopping websites are growing. It is about time that you strike this concern off your mind!

Gift Wrapping

Now, no gift is complete without wrapping. If you are buying a gift from online shops, they will wrap the gift with some sparkling paper before sending it to your home. At those ‘exclusive’ gift boutiques in malls, they do provide gift-wraps, but you have to ask for one.

We already talked about shopping malls being a good place to hangout with your family. From kids to elderly, everyone will get their share of fun at these malls. But, with online shops, this ‘fun’ may not be that plentiful.

One bullet you can dodge by shopping online is the long queues at the shopping malls. You don’t have to wait for others to make the payment and make way for you. But, there is a flip side to it. The product delivery takes 2 to 5 working days. In the case of shopping malls, you may have to stand in long queues, but you will get the product in your hand, almost instantly.

The Bad Reasons

Malls can drain your pocket

Malls can drain your pocket to nothing more than a simple piece of cloth. The easy and exclusive access to the elite brands at these malls will make you throw money. When you are out there to buy a gift, you would never want to return home with an empty pocket.

Now, online shops might prove a winner in this category. Usually, the inventory of products at these online shops is way higher than the retail shops at malls. The online shops buy products in huge quantities. Therefore, they pay less for the products. This means they are able to sell products for lesser price too.

Limited InventoryThe limited inventory at the shops in a mall means your choices are also limited. You can only choose from what is available there at the store. But, if you decide to shop online, the large inventory again comes into play. The options available to you are different.

Another downside of shopping from malls is overspending. Once you are done shopping, you wouldn’t know where all your money went! You might be window-shopping now and the next minute, you might own some expensive apparel! However, in online shops, the shopping cart always tells you how much you are going to pay. You have time to think twice about the money you are spending. Not a luxury you enjoy at shopping malls.

24/7 shopping

24*7 shopping is a culture that online shopping brought along with it. You can just logon to the website anytime and buy anything you want. This is not the same when it comes to shopping from malls. You have to make time to visit shopping malls. Considering your busy schedule, it may not be always that easy.

Along with all this, only metro cities have large shopping malls. These malls may not be an easily accessible option for people staying at remote areas. Even if the mall is 10 or 15km away from where you live, to reach there through the traffic of the metros will be a task itself. Eventually, you will get there. But, where to park your car! Now, think about online shops. You may not get a chance to show-off your driving skills, but your shopping will be easy and effective.

Deliver Gifts Anywhere in IndiaAdding an element of surprise is the best thing you can do to gifts. If you choose to buy gifts online, you have an option to send it to anyone, anywhere in the country. Something shopping malls cannot offer. This can add to the element of surprise with the least of efforts from your part.

Now, since you know the good and bad of both shopping online and from malls, you have a picture of where this fight is heading. It might appear to be a tight bout, but online shopping is all set to become clear winner. Next time you think about buying gifts, head to some online shops and explore the options available. Trust me. You will not be disappointed.

Your Turn

A quick question for you: Do you love malls? Have you bought gifts online? Do you agree with ideas mentioned in this article? Share your views with us.

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