The Size of Paintings and Some Commonly Asked Questions

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What size painting should I buy?”, “Which would look good for my home?”, “Where to hang?“: You also might have dozen of questions like these to ask. Well, you are not alone! Most people who use art paintings to decorate their home have similar questions to ask. It can be frustrating, at times, not to be able to figure out these questions. Now, let us try to find answers to these questions.

Size of WallsThe big question, most times, is ‘what size paintings should I buy’. If you need a simple and easy answer to this question, there is only one-way to put it; depends on the size of your wall. Size and even architecture of walls are never same for two houses. This is what makes it difficult for the interior designers to give you any straightforward solution for this problem. However, there is still a way out. Let’s see.

Let’s divide walls into three categories: Large, medium and small. Your wall should also fall into one of these three. Some houses have walls spacious enough to keep two or even three 41-inch LED TVs side by side. In some houses, walls do not have space even to accommodate a 14-inch TV! When it comes to art paintings, a ground rule, if you may, is to hang large paintings on large walls and small paintings, single or multiple ones, on medium sized and small walls. Just imagine how a 10X15 inch painting would look on a large 4X5 meter wall! And yes, the story is somewhat the same if you hang a large painting on comparatively small wall.

Large Wall PaintingOn spacious walls, you should only use large paintings. Art paintings and art prints of size above 38X48 inches will look good on walls where space is hardly a constraint. You can choose to frame the paintings you hang, but don’t make the wall too crammed. If the walls are not that spacious, yet not too small, using small sized paintings in multiple numbers might be the best way to go. But, again, do not overcrowd the wall with paintings. This is the same way to go when it comes to small sized walls; multiple framed art prints displayed like a collage.

Now, you might be confused about the number of paintings to use; what is the perfect number! On small and medium sized walls, multiple numbers of paintings will look lot more charming than a single painting. For larger rooms, single paintings are recommended, but if the wall still feels bland, you can use additional paintings. Stretched canvas is another option you can explore if you want to make things a bit more interesting. Here, a single painting is divided into parts, mostly three or more, and is displayed artistically, adding a bit of ‘bevel and emboss’ to the edges.

Hang at Eye LevelAnother trouble you might face when it comes to art prints is in confusion about hanging them. You might find it tricky to find the perfect spot for that art painting. The fact is, if you can keep the painting as close to the other add-ons in the room, it will add to the beauty. However, there is something more important. You have to hang the painting at eye-level. This will help to attract more attention to the art. The center of the art painting should be in level with the eye-level. You should be able to look right at the art painting from a natural angle. Even if you are using multiple numbers of smaller paintings, you should be able to view them without any additional effort.

When it comes to maintenance and transportation, you might find it easy to handle smaller paintings. They are easy to dust-up and require very little attention while transporting. However, larger paintings demand more time towards their maintenance and transporting them to somewhere else can be a real task.

Decorating your home with art paintings is not about just hanging them. It’s about using art paintings of right size and choosing the right place to hang them. We have now discussed some of the common questions people ask, related to using art paintings for home décor. As said earlier, the simplest answer one can give regarding home décor is, ‘it all depends on your house and walls’.

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