The Three ‘W’s of Flower Gifting

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Three W of Flower Gifting

Flowers can talk the language of love. It can express your love and care to someone more than your words. But, the only thing is, you have to follow certain traditions. Otherwise, what the flowers say and what you wanted to say will have a sea of difference!

So, here are some tips you can go after while gifting flowers.

Why Should You Gift Flowers? 

Gifting Flower for Love

For centuries, flowers have been a symbol of love. If you love or care someone, one of the basic gifts you can give is a bunch of flowers. Floral gifts would never let you down. Buying flowers will not take a lot of your precious time and these flowers never take a lot out of your pocket either. If you ask anyone about the reason to gift flowers, the answer will be quite simple: everyone loves flowers!

You can surprise anyone on any given day by gifting a bunch of his or her favorite flowers. According to a study conducted by behavioural scientists, a simple flower means so many things to women. The study also says that women like to be surprised with floral gifts and it doesn’t always have to be roses. Another study reveals that more than 90% of women recall the last time they received floral gifts and almost the same percentage of men remember the last time they gave floral gifts.

When Should You Gift Flowers? 

Birthday Flowers

Flowers are, without a doubt, meant for any occasion. You can buy flowers for anyone on any occasion. However, there are certain occasions, on which flowers make more sense than any other gifts. Here are some of them.

Birthdays: You always buy some expensive and flashy gifts for your loved one on their birthday. Right? But, does the gift actually say anything to your dear? No? So, next time, try flowers. They are simple, elegant and expressive.

Buy a bouquet of beautiful red and yellow roses for your dear. Make sure you choose bright colors or colors that will lure your loved one. You can also choose to gift flowers along with another gift of your choice; like an icing on the cake!

Weddings and Anniversaries: Weddings and anniversaries are occasions of joy and celebration. If you can throw in a bouquet of perfectly arranged flowers along with your gift, it will make your gift extremely alluring. However, for anniversaries, a bouquet of flowers alone will do the trick. If you are buying flower bouquet for your friend, make sure you choose something that is fitting for their personalities.

Housewarming: Flowers are perfect gifts for congratulating someone. Next time when you are shopping for some housewarming gifts, think about flowers. It carries the applause along with it and these flowers will be a great addition to the new home.

Valentine’s Day: This is the one day when flowers speak more than people do. On this day, we celebrate love and what better way to celebrate love than with flowers! You should also buy some red or yellow roses and gift your dear to express your love. Surprise your loved one with lots and lots of flowers.

Flowers can also be used to say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘get well soon’.

What Customs to Follow While Gifting Flowers? 

Types of Flowers

We already talked about why to gift flowers and when to gift flowers. But, the more important thing is, to be aware of the codes and conventions of flower gifting. If you are aware of the rules of gifting flowers, you might be saving yourself from some awkward moments in the future. So, here we go.

Selecting the Right Flower: If you thought every flower is a good gift, you are wrong. In fact, not every kind of rose flower is good for gifting. For example, white roses are never used as gifts in our country. They are actually used during funerals and other grim occasions.

But, that’s not the only thing you need to be concerned about. Different flowers stand for different things and they talk different languages. For example, red roses speak the language of love while yellow ones speak the language of friendship. Similarly, daisies represent loyal love while lily stands for purity.

So, if you do not know your flowers, you are in trouble! Similar to knowing the flower, you should also know the color. Usually, bright colored flowers dominate floral gift bouquets and garlands in our country.

The number of flowers also has its implications: The authority of gifting single flowers is generally exclusive to lovers. Also, never associate gifts with the number 13. In some countries, flowers are gifted as a bunch of 12. In some European countries, number of flowers is always odd. In most Asian countries, you never gift a bouquet of 4 flowers, it is considered inauspicious.

When it comes to giving it to the recipient, make a beautiful bouquet or a basket of flowers before gifting. Whatever you gift, you have to gift it with panache. Also, remember to handover the gift with both hands; it is the Indian way of gifting.

Now, you know why you are gifting flowers, you know that there is a meaning for almost every flower that comes in a bouquet and you know when to gift flowers. But, there is one last thing you need to keep in mind: never steal them from your neighbor’s garden!

Have you ever gifted flowers to someone? When was the last time you received a flower as gift? Do floral gifts make you happy? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments.

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