How to Select Themed Art Paintings for Your Office

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Does themed art in office make any difference? Will it decrease stress? Can it improve productivity? What type of art to choose? These are some of the frequently asked questions I get when I start talking about office decoration.

It is true that art can affect emotions of people in a room. But, that does not mean, you can just hang a painting and expect fantastic results. The truth is, different paintings evoke different emotions. So, if you match correct paintings with correct emotions, you will get desired results.

Let us look at the different situations you might come across in your office life and how themed art paintings help you bring the difference in your office.

Desired Result: Calmness & Serenity

‘Landscape with Calm’ by Nicolas Poussin

‘Landscape with Calm’ by Nicolas Poussin

Today, ‘office’ has become synonymous with ‘pressure’. This is exactly why you would want to hang an art painting that brings in some serenity to the room. So, what type of art paintings are we talking about here? Want to take a guess? Yes, you guessed it right, landscape paintings! Paintings of nature can always bring that serenity you are looking for, to the office. If you want to take some help from psychology of colors, use an art painting that has blue, green or purple as dominant colors. ‘Landscape with Calm’ by Nicolas Poussin is a good example.

Desired Result: Motivation

Aim High for Motivation

Motivation is the key to attaining success in your life. But, you always need someone or something to keep you motivated. Your family might do that for you at home. But, at office, where are you supposed to find this motivation from! Art paintings and posters might just be the answer you are looking for. Art paintings that depict motivational characters or even lines that motivates you to achieve more are great for any office. For example, if you need to work as part of a team, hang an art that reminds you about the importance of teamwork. Likewise, if you are working towards achieving career growth, paintings with presence of water is said to be productive. Usually, paintings with warm colours are used in offices as these colours are supposed to pass that motivational energy to you in a better way.

Desired Result: Credibility

Integrity Art Print

Like motivation, integrity or credibility is something you should never lose while working at any office. Sometimes, you might be tempted to walk paths away from the ‘credibility lane’, which is only going to affect your job, the worst way. This is where something simple as art paintings can influence you for your good. These simple art paintings can remind you about the need to stay credible and trustworthy. Take the example of this above art. It has an art painting of angry sea and below, a line that says, ‘those who preserve their integrity remain unshaken by the storms of daily life’. For those who are shaken by the storms of daily life, this is the kind of paintings you need in the office.

Desired Result: Innovation

Innovation Abstract Art

For some people, innovation and creativity is all what you need at office. You might find it difficult, sometimes, to get the innovative skills going. You might feel like you need some motivation or a push of some kind. Art paintings can always help you with this little push. Use of art paintings having bold colours and strong brush strokes are believed to support your innovative skills. The above art painting uses bold colours and strong strokes and this kind of painting can create a spark of creativity in you.

Desired Result: Build Wealth 

Koi Pond

Art paintings can attract wealth! Sounds unbelievable? There are so many art paintings available today that are said to attract money to your life. But, not every one of them works. However, Feng Shui art is something that is believed to work. Koi paintings from Feng Shui artists are famous for this one reason. It’s a simple painting of Koi fishes circling in clear water, but, somehow, it attracts wealth to your life. The only thing is, you have to hang it at the right place.

Desired Result: Improve Customer Support

Support Paintings

For someone who is working in close relation with customers, you should always think about the feelings of customers above yours. That is why an art painting that depict a helping hand can always come handy. Whenever a customer walks into your office, he or she should get a feel like ‘I’ll get my answers here’. The painting above shows two hands: one seeking for help and the other lending a hand of help. This would be what customers expect from you, a hand extended towards them. When they walk into the office to see the painting, an extra bit of assurance is what they get.

Desired Result: Fun Loving Environment

Fun Themed Office Art

For someone who is fun loving and a bit of frivolous, art prints can help you in bringing that perkiness to the office too. You can choose to use some paintings from famous artists or even artwork from children. Creativity of children will always reflect in their paintings and this will always attract a fun loving person. If your fun means doing something different, then you can choose to decorate your office with abstract paintings. These paintings are different and can look playful when used with other accessories in your office.

From what we saw, one thing is for sure, using themed art paintings can have their effects on you. Whether it is to improve productivity or wealth, to motivate you or even to impress customers, art paintings can definitely be helpful. So, next time you buy art for your office, pick a theme.

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