‘Think like a Child’ – The Secret of Becoming a Gifting Maestro

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Watch and learn from that little kid!’ I have heard this a million times from my parents and grand parents. It sure sounds annoying at first. But as I keep watching that kid, suddenly it strikes me: ‘they’ve got a point’! Sometimes, letting our brains take the time machine back to childhood can work magic! If you are having some trouble in choosing gifts for your friends and family, try thinking like a child. Here is how it can help you in making yourself a gifting maestro. Remember to read with the innocence of a kid.

Open the Imaginarium

Kids Imaginary WorldWhen I was a child, the world around me was more interesting. I had a small imaginarium of my own and everything around me was just magical. But, as I grew up, I lost this imaginarium and things around me got more ‘real’. You too must have lost such an imaginarium somewhere in your adulthood. I say, rediscover this land of imaginations. It will work magic on your gift buying abilities. Imagine your friend as one of the characters in your imaginary world and talk to him. Trust me; you will get more gift ideas than what you want! If this is too much to ask from ‘the adult you’, try pretending like your friend. Imagine yourself as your friend, talk to yourself to understand what his wish list for this birthday is!

Observe, Question and Try

Ask QuestionsYou must have asked thousands of questions when you were a kid. Right? I certainly did!  When my parents bought gifts for their friends, I had lots of ‘whys’ to ask. I mean, they were giving away things we didn’t even have in our home! That too, for free! When I learned about leap year in school, I had questions about kids born on February 29. Do they age slower? I am sure you too had these questions when you were just a kid! Most of these questions were dumb and meaningless. But, the thing is, you did ask those questions and it came after a good five to ten minutes of close observation. But now, asking questions may not be ‘your thing’. The only ‘guy’ you ask questions now to, is Google. I’m pretty sure, Google can’t tell you what gift to buy for your friend Freddy! So, start observing and questioning like a child. Observe the recipient at first and if you are not able to come up with any gift ideas, try asking questions that will lead you to the gift. Remember, observe and question with the innocence of a kid!

Be Creative!

Kids are CreativeThe great man Einstein once said, ‘To stimulate creativity, one must develop the childlike inclination for play.’ There was a time when you too used to use your childlike imaginations to create wonders with even the simplest of things. Remember those days, when you used to make simple doll figures out of plain candy covers? And when you gave it to your friends, didn’t they love it! This is exactly the kind of creativity you should bring into your gifts. It is not as if you do not have any of that childlike creativity left in you, you just have to rediscover that innocence to spark creativity. This creativity can turn something as simple as a keychain to a more personalized gift. Write his or her name on the keychain or print their photo on the keychain. Try something simple, yet something unique.

No Fear, Everything is Fair

Kids are FearlessKids don’t fear about ‘being wrong’; it is just another disadvantage of being adult. You will always find kids forcing themselves into new and unfamiliar territories. Once, you and I were such brave kids. But, growing up, schools, relationships and offices taught us something, ‘being wrong is wrong’. But, ironically, the lesson seems wrong altogether! As someone said, ‘If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.’ When it comes to buying gifts, it is this fear of being wrong that keeps so many people from buying new kinds of gifts. They just keep buying the same gifts and the result; people brand them as sleazy gift givers. A recent study underlines this fact as the results show that the biggest fear of Indian gift shoppers is ‘finding the perfect gift’. Next time you decide to buy a gift for your friend or loved ones, let the fear of being wrong take a nap, be cocky. Keep telling yourself, ‘no fear, everything is fair’!

If you face the trouble of shopping for gifts again in the future, just reinvent your childishness and go shopping. Now, everything might seem simple and suddenly, you will find yourself in a sea of ideas. If you find any of these childish tips useful in buying gifts, you can thank me later!

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