The Three Most Important Things Every Homeowner Must Know Before Spending Money on Wall Art

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Empty Walls?Do you have bare walls in your living room? Would you like to add art paintings? 

A bare wall is like an empty sky.  It’s great to look at first, but you will soon get bored when you see nothing interesting.

So what would you do?

You would look elsewhere to view interesting things. And one way to bring back that interesting view to your wall is by adding art paintings.

But did you know, you just can’t buy any art painting and hope it will look good on your wall.  Why?

Because, every home is different and you need to know many things before you purchase art.  So, if you’re confused, this post will teach you those three important things you need to know before purchasing any art.

#1 Theme of Room Decides ‘What Art You Need to Buy’

What kind of room is it?  Who lives there?  Answers to these questions decide the type of art paintings you need to buy for this room.

Let us see how.

Theme of Room

Type of room: If you haven’t noticed, each room in our home has a purpose. Living rooms are for ‘enjoying life’. Bedrooms are for ‘relaxation’.  Dining rooms are for ‘enjoying food and beverages’ and so on. 

And these primary purposes help us to determine the theme of a room. That means, when you buy an art painting for a room, it should match with the primary purpose of that room.

Example: If you are buying art for a bedroom, it should calm your mind, so landscape paintings or still life paintings are the best. Similarly, a motivating or energizing art is good for your living room.

Primary occupants of the room: Type of room alone cannot determine the theme of a room, because who lives there also affects it. If the occupants are kids, the type of paintings they love will be different from that of adults.

Example: If you are buying art for kids’ bedroom, you could go for some story related paintings, say a landscape painting from Alice in wonderland. Similarly, if you are buying art for seniors’ bedroom, you could go for a relaxing art from Mahabharata or Ramayana.

The type of furniture used: The third thing to consider in deciding theme of room is furnishings you have already used in a room.

Is it a modern room? Or is it a traditional room? If it’s a modern room, you could go for modern types of art. But, if it’s a traditional room, it would be best to use conventional paintings.

Example: Imagine an adult bedroom with modern furniture. Here, you can install an abstract landscape painting.

The colour of walls: The last factor affecting the theme of room is the colour of wall.  It’s often advised that the artwork you choose must complement with colours of the wall. But, did you know colours could also mean different things?

For example, red is said to be an aggressive color. White is the color of purity. In other words, the color of the wall paint can also influence the theme of the room.

Example: In a light-blue coloured bedroom, what art painting would you use?  Since blue is a relaxing color, you can improve the relaxed ambience of this room by adding an art painting of a sunset.

So, make sure you understand the theme of a room before you buy any art.

#2 Your Budget Decides ‘What Type of Art You Could Buy’ 

What is your total budget?  The budget is the single most important factor that determines the type of art you could buy.  Based on your budget, you could vary the type of painting, frames, mats and even the glass of your wall painting.

What is your Budget?

Types of Paintings: If you don’t want to spend a lot, you could go for art prints or canvas prints.  If you have a medium budget, you can go for oil painting reproductions. And lastly, if you don’t want to limit your spend, you should buy original masterpieces.

Types of Frames: The next option you can control cost is with frames. There are variety of wall frames available in the market. The most expensive ones are hand-crafted wooden ones. Then the metal frames, fiber frames, plastic frames and so on.

Types of Mats: Once, frames are selected, the next step in budgeting is with mats used in frames. You could go for super expensive satin-finish mats or the most affordable, regular mats.

Types of Glass: If you want to keep your cost low, you can avoid glasses altogether. Otherwise, you can choose from regular glass or fiberglass depending up on your budget. These glasses also come in different versions too. From UV ray filtering to anti-glare ones.  So, select the type that most suits you.

In short, your budget determines what type of art you could buy.

#3 Length of Wall Decides ‘What Size and Shape of Art You Need to Buy’ 

Once you have decided the type of art, the next thing you have to consider is size of your wall.  Is it a big or small wall?

Length of Wall

First, measure the size of wall and determine whether it’s a square or rectangular wall.

On square walls, rectangular paintings look good and on rectangular walls, big, square paintings look beautiful.

So, find out the longest side of the wall.  Please note that you should only measure the open wall space between windows and furniture. Otherwise, it won’t look good.

You can select paintings up to 2/3rd size of the longest side of the wall.

For example, if you wall is 2m wide and 3m high, you could select a frame as big as 1.6m * 2m.

If you don’t want to hang a big frame, you can go for 2 to 4 smaller frames to fill the space.  In above example, instead of one big frame, you could go with four 40cm * 50cm frames or two 60cm * 90cm frames.

If it’s a narrow vertical wall, you can place 2-3 square frames vertically to make it beautiful.  Similarly, if your wall is wide but lacks height, hang multiple square paintings horizontally.

In other words, the length of longest side of wall establishes the size and shape of the art you need to buy.

So, that’s it!  This is how you come to a decision on the paintings for your home.  I hope you now have a clear idea how you should purchase art.  As you just discovered, if you truly want to improve ambience of your home, you need to do some homework.

Your Turn

How do you plan your art purchase? What other factors influence your purchase? What other things would you recommend for a first time art buyer?  Share your wisdom with us via comments.

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