Typology of Art Collectors: Which Type Are You?

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It is not just art paintings that come in ‘types’.  If you look around, the art collectors are also of different types. They can be grouped based on a simple ‘why’ – why they collect art.

Not every art collector will give you the same answer. And that’s where we group art collectors as investors, the real art lovers and the proud owners.

Keep reading to know more about the typology of art collectors.

The Bona Fide

The Real Art Lover

Would you spend any among of money to own the art you love? If you will, you are one of the ‘real art lovers’.

Most of the greatest art lovers who collect art do not care about the artist behind the painting. All they care about is the quality of painting and the way it communicates with them. Some of these art lovers collect art to understand the tradition of a country or a generation. It is no secret that art paintings can reveal the practices and trends of a particular tradition or of a generation.

The Investor

Art as Investment

Do you collect art just as an investment? If you do, your rationales are different. You are not that into communicating with the art or falling in love with the art. What you care is the artist behind the painting, how famous the art is, the type of painting and things like that. Mostly, things related to investment and returns. An art collector like you will look to buy the few remaining paintings of Renoir or Caravaggio to expand the net worth of the collection. In short, the sole purpose of collecting art is to make money out of the paintings.

The Bragg-art

Status Symbol

Do you like to brag about the art you own? Are you proud of having a Renoir painting on your wall? You probably collect art just for the pride of owning it.

There are art collectors who purchase paintings just to ‘show-off’. They believe it is a symbol of status and keep the paintings at their office or the living room. Quite frankly, it is a symbol of status. I mean, not everyone can own original art, especially the Renoir’s or Caravaggio’s!

And you know what, these art collectors buy paintings of recognized artists only. When anyone walks into their home, they want to be able to identify the painting as a work by Rembrandt or Picasso. They wouldn’t hesitate to buy even some mediocre paintings by the big names in art world. At the same time, might overlook some excellent work done by a not so well known artist. Some art collectors who are into investing in art paintings might also fall into this category.

The Ubiquitous

Art for Home DecorIs decorating your home the sole reason for you to buy art? Well, you fall into this category.

Some art collectors are obsessed with decorating their home with paintings. These ‘art collectors’ are not so hard to find. They are just everywhere! These art collectors, however, don’t look for the originals. They are mostly into reproductions and art prints. More than anything, they want an art painting that has what it takes to turn any bland wall spicy and zesty.

Before buying any piece of art, they will think whether it will go with the color of paint used for the room and whether the art painting is going complement the furniture. They don’t actually mind whether the work of art is from a famous or a lesser known artist. The art painting just have to work its charm in their room.

For all these art collectors, ‘love’ for art is always there. You could be collecting art as an investment or for home décor; love for art will always be there.

So, before we wrap up this study of types, here is a question for you. Why do you collect art? Which type are you? Share if you know any Bragg-arts or investors.

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