What You can Learn about Friendship from Bollywood Movies

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Bollywood and Friendship: the two things you can never separate until the end of this world. Numerous movies were produced with the theme of friendship. In fact, friendship is the second most preferred theme of bollywood movies after ‘love’.

Every year, at least a dozen of movies are released with the same theme. Some of them go well with audience while some others go unnoticed. Whatever the fact is, we love friendship in bollywood movies. They inspire us and entertain us. Sometimes, they teach us wonderful lessons.

Lessons You Can Learn from Bollywood Movies

Lesson number one of friendship: If it takes some sacrifice to keep friendship alive, do it!

sholayYou will never know the real pleasure of giving up something for friendship, until the moment arrives. But, are you ready to do this sacrifice for friendship? We are not talking about sacrificing some giddy gadgets or your tickets to some theme parks; we are talking about real sacrifices! Still don’t get it? Go and watch ‘Sholay’! For Jay and Veeru, even life is second to friendship. And yes, Jay proves it by sacrificing his own life to protect his friend!

“True friendship should be like Jay and Veeru!”

But, don’t take a bullet for your friend! Because if you have time to jump in front of the bullet, your friend also have time to move!

Lesson number two of friendship:You are Destined to Become Friends

3 IdiotsFriendship and friends is always a coincidence, don’t you think? I mean, how come some guy from North India and someone from South India meet in a college in Pune to become best buddies! Don’t worry about explaining, you just can’t! But, one thing is for sure, you meet these people and become friends for some reason: for good or for worse! Take the example of ‘3 Idiots’. The three guys from different parts of the country met at college to become best friends. And this union turned every one of their lives around, for good!


Lesson number three of friendship: People with Contrasting Personalities can be Best Friends

Dil Chahta HaiDo you think people with contrasting personalities can be best buddies for a long time? I have people with entirely contrasting personalities in my friends circle! I mean, some of them are arrogantly attached to books and quite, while some others are meekly detached to classrooms and are party poppers! Some are brilliant as Einstein, while some others are ‘brilliant’ as a ‘doorknob’! But, when it comes to friendship, there is no separate roof for us! We have fun together, intimidate each other and even stand against each other at some point. But, in the end, friendship is always the victor! This is the one lesson you will take away from the bollywood blockbuster, Dil Chahta Hai: even people with extremely different personalities can be true friends.

Lesson number four of friendship: There is Friendship in Every Relationship

Jane Tu Ya Jane NaWhat do you think is the secret mantra of a successful relationship? Is it love, communication or is it anything else? Well, think again. It is friendship! A bit of friendship between you and your spouse, parents, relatives and even neighbors make the relationship better. In short, friendship is the foundation of all relationships! You have any doubts? Watch Jane Tu Ya Jane Na! It is a movie about friends and relationships. The movie talks about friendship between friends, between lovers, between mom and son, and quite simply, friendship in every relationship.


Lesson number Five of friendship:Friendship is not a Smooth Sail

GolmaalWhenever you make a friends circle, two uninvited guests push themselves into the circle: fun and trouble! We friends have fun together, we land in trouble together and we solve it together. Well, most times! That is what friendship is all about, right? The movie Golmal and its sequels are all about friendship, fun and trouble. And maybe, this it what made it such a huge success! Everyone likes to see the things themselves on the big screen once in a while, right?



Lesson number six of friendship:Friendship and Friends Never Age

Zindagi Na Milegi DobaraHere is a question for all the grown-up guys. How do you feel when you meet a couple of your old friends after a long time? Wait, I know, you feel ‘teen’ again! You do some fun and adventurous stuff together and make the moment count, right? But, it’s not just about fun and adventure. At least, that is what ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ tell us! This rare reunion is the time to sort out all the differences you had in the past. The three friends in the movie joins together for a trip, faces their worst fears on the trip, together, and sorts out their differences.

Without a doubt, these bollywood movies define friendship in the best possible way. It describes the bond of friendship in the most colorful and meaningful way. There are many other bollywood films, which talk about friendship, but are not in the list. Films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Rang De Basanti, Kai Po Che etc. are some of them. On this friendship day, be inspired by these bollywood blockbusters and make every moment with your friends count. By the way, which one is your favorite friendship movie? Share with us in comments.

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