Why You Should Buy Personalized Gifts for an Unparalleled Gifting Experience

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Last week, I attended two birthday parties, both of my friends. For the first friend, I bought a simple photo frame. And for the second guy, I bought the same gift, but added a photo of us together in the photo frame.  Yes, I personalized it a bit.

The first friend was happy to receive my gift. But the second friend, he was more than just happy to see my personalized gift. He was ecstatic!

This got me thinking. How can a simple personalization turn a normal gift into an amazing gift?  Why do people love the idea of personalized gifts so much?

Have you ever thought about it?  Well here is what I think about it.  Let’s see if we are on the same page here.

Make Effort not Excuses

It shows the effort you took to buy a gift. It is always good to see someone making an effort to get your attention. Whenever you receive a personalized gift, you know that the one who gave you the gift definitely did his or her homework. Sometimes, more than the gift, it is this effort that counts.

You may not find ‘personalized gifts’ as such in the market, but you can turn any gift into personalized ones, with a touch of effort. For example, you can personalize a simple coffee mug by just printing the recipient’s photo on it. A simple key-chain could be personalized by engraving his or her name on it. See, the trick of personalizing a gift is not that hard to master.

It reminds you of the person who gave the gift.  Suppose someone gave you a personalized coffee mug. Naturally, this new coffee mug will replace your current favorite mug. Now, with every sip of coffee you drink, the mug will remind you of the person who gave it to you. This is what a good gift is supposed to do, right? And this is what every personalized gift is capable of doing. It will keep reminding you about the one who gave you the gift. Maybe you too were hoping to keep that person in your thoughts, always.

Makes you feel special

It makes you feel special.  What is your first thought when someone gives you a personalized gift?  Is it ‘I feel special’ or is it ‘he/she care for me’?  Most times, it is a bit of both.

Gifts like personalized photo frame, engraved keychain, photo printed t-shirts, handmade gifts etc are all personalized gifts. In fact, almost any gift that makes you feel special must be a personalized gift. Think about it. When you look back, you will see that almost all of those exciting gifts you got were personalized ones.

Personalization means unique gifts.  Almost every birthday, I receive at least a pair of gift cards, a couple of DVDs or books. So I can easily expect these gifts next year too. There is hardly anything unique about these gifts. You could buy one of these from any of the gift shops or supermarkets.

But when I see something more personalized, like a photo frame with a funny photo of me that is what thrills me. Instead of movie DVDs or books, you could take some effort to create a video album or ‘naughty quotes’ book with my favorite videos or quotes. If that is not possible, you could Photoshop some of my publicly available images to make some funny art print.

The uniqueness of such gifts is what strikes my senses and what I expect to receive every year.  This must be the same feeling for you too. If you see something different in the pile of gifts, that will surely grab your attention.

And these are the reasons why you should also buy personalized gifts.

Since you have given it a thought, what do you think now?  Are we on the same page here?  Share your personalized gift giving experiences with us in comments.

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