Why Should You Use Matte Art Prints?

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When it comes to choosing art prints, people have different opinion on whether to choose glossy or matte art prints. For professionals, matte prints have always been the choice. Do you know why? Because matte prints have certain characteristics that no other type of art print can offer.

In this article, we will talk about matte prints and the reasons why it is a better choice for home décor.

Matte Printing

In simple terms, ‘Matte printing’ or as generally called ‘Matte’ are the type of finishing with which an art print can be made. This is achieved by printing art on matte paper or canvas.

A matte paper (or Canvas) is a special type of paper  made by creating tiny pores on the surface of the paper. The art printing matte paper have closely spaced pores on the surface. The printing paper you use every day is also a form of matte paper. However, here the pores are spaced further apart.

The tiny holes give special characteristics to a matte paper. It gives a textured look. Its grained look deflects light unevenly and helps in reducing the glare. The tiny pores give increased surface area to matte paper, helping in absorbing more ink to give a fine-soft look.

Light Reflection in Matte Paper

Light Reflection in Matte Paper

The Matte art print paper can look dull and drab at first sight. But, this same piece paper is used by the industry to produce some of the long lasting and most aesthetically appealing art prints.

These are some basic information about matte art prints. Now, let us look at why you should choose matte prints over other types of art prints available in the market.

The Pros of Matte Art Prints

To understand the real advantage of buying matte art prints, a little comparison with glossy prints will help. Glossy is the rival here, right? So, let us look why we think you should buy matte art prints.

The Naturalness – In matte prints, colors are less vibrant and less sharp. This means you get a more natural feel from the print. This ‘less vibrant and sharp’ part doesn’t seem to go well with some people, ironically. ‘Naturalness’, for them, makes the print look dry.

Glossy prints on the other hand, are sharp and vibrant. Glossy art prints will make your walls shine bright. But, there is one little problem. They never look natural. Glossy prints look like a photograph that you printed from some local art studio. In short, matte prints retain naturalness much better than glossy prints.

Matte vs.Glossy PrintsMinimal Glare – Matte art prints do not have a shiny and silky surface like the glossy ones. The surface is rather textured and, yes, dull. Actually, this dullness is another advantage of matte art prints. The glossy print, because of their shiny surface, reflects a lot of light. The glare makes it difficult for the viewer to view the art from certain angles. On the other hand, matte art prints reflect little light. It offers you the best viewing experience. The textured finish makes sure that the print can be viewed from any angle and from any distance.

Less Prone to Damage- In the case of glossy art prints, the extra sticky layer of coating on the surface attracts dirt and fingerprints. Again, causing distraction to the viewer and damage to the print. Matte print papers have no such extra sticky later of coating. Therefore, matte prints are less prone to dirt and fingerprints. Less dirt means better view and more life.

Perfect for Black & White Prints- For making print of a black and white art painting, like a famous pencil drawing, there is no better option than matte printing. It highlights every stroke on the paper and outplays monochrome glossy art prints by a mile. The monochrome paintings need a controlled lighting to highlight all its features. Matte print paper has all the necessary features to make a monochrome painting look good on your walls.

Because of all these factors, matte art prints are ideal for home décor. They produce only minimal glare and are free from fingerprints, smudges and dust. They are perfect for a room where there is lots of lighting.

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