How to Wish a Keralite on the Eve of Onam

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OnamIf you have some Keralite friend and you are not from Kerala, you might be wondering how to wish this Keralite friend a Happy Onam.

You might be thinking about greeting cards as you do on most occasions like Christmas and Diwali. But, no, sending greeting cards is actually not an Onam tradition.

Then how would you do it?

Well, you can either send an email or send a simple SMS. But if there is the faintest of possibilities, wish your Malayali friend a Happy Onam in person, through spoken words.

But what are you going to say? Or what are you going to write in the email? Here is how to do it.

Onam Greetings through Spoken Words

There is no better way to wish a great Onam for your friend, than in person or spoken words.

Suppose your friend is all set to visit Kerala on this Onam. When he is loading and bundling his backpack, go to him and tell your wish on his face. If you can make it a bit funny, your friend will definitely love your wish. Bring in Maveli or Mahabali to your wish and make up some funny things about Maveli. Here is an example.

Hey, when you see Maveli this year, ask him about how are things at ‘Paathalam’.

However, being funny is not your only resort to wishing a Happy Onam. Use the facts about Onam to wish your friend. For example, Onam comes in the Malayalam month of Chingam, which is the first month of Malayalam calendar. So wish a prosperous new year to your friend. Here is an example.

Hey, I know it’s Onam. So Happy Onam. I also know that it’s the start of a new year for you. So, happy new year too. Have a wonderful year.

You could also include your friend’s family in your wishes. It will definitely make your friend more than happy. Also, add that you would like to join the Onam celebrations next year or some time soon. For example, say:

Hey, happy onam. Convey my wishes to your mom, dad and everyone else in the family. I would very much like to see all the Onam celebrations in your hometown. Maybe next year, I’ll come with you.

Onam Greetings through E-mail

You may have some Keralite friends whom you contact occasionally thorough phone or emails. Maybe they went to college with you or worked with you. But now, all the communication is through emails, phone and chats. So how would you wish this friend a Happy Onam? If I were you, I would write an email.

If you studied or worked together, or even if you were neighbors for some time, you two must’ve celebrated Onam together. Your Keralite friend would’ve definitely invited you to be the part of the celebrations. So when you write the email, wishing a great Onam for your friend this year, write about all the wonderful experiences you had while celebrating the festival with him or her.

For example, write about the Sadya, the games, stories he or she told you about Onam etc. in your email.

Example #1

Onam Email Greeting

Hey ,

First things first, Happy Onam. I still remember the last year’s Onam celebrations we had. It was just wonderful. I remember how we made ‘Pookkalam’ here, all the 10 days. It was fun. And remember, you gave me a beautiful dress that day and said it was a tradition. And most of all, I loved the food and family get-togethers. Talking about the food, the payasam was a nice touch to the ‘Sadya’. I wish I could celebrate Onam again sometime soon. So, once again, Happy Onam and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Example #2

Email Greeting for Onam


Happy Onam. It’s always wonderful, writing to you. But this year, I have something to tell you about the great Maveli. It’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone. Maveli never went back to ‘Paathalam’ last year. He was here, where I live, in the USA, the whole last year! You might find a different Maveli this year. He talks different and his tastes are different.

I mean, when he came here, all he could say was ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. But now, it’s all ‘yep’ and ‘nop’. And yes, sarcasm is his second language now!

When he came here, ‘Dosa’ and ‘Rice’ were his favorites. But now, he eats nothing but Pizza and burger.

I am telling you all these things because this might help you prepare better for this year’s Onam. So give new tunes to your Onam songs, maybe some rap tune, and new tastes to your ‘Sadya’. Good luck, Happy Onam and Happy New Year. Have a rocking year!

Another thing you can do is, create an Onam wish e-greeting card using some photo editing software and send it to your friend. Find some interesting picture of Maveli, add some creative colors to it and add some quotes or songs about Onam on the greeting card.

Here is one famous song for you.

“Maveli nadu vaneedum kalam, manusharellarum onnupole”


Onam Greetings through SMS

A simple SMS is another easy way to send Onam wishes to your Keralite friend. Either you can send a simple one-liner SMS to your friend wishing a Happy Onam and also a great new year. Or you can come up with an original and thoughtful Onam wish SMS for your Malayalee friend.

Here is an example of a one-liner SMS.

Happy onam, may this festival fulfill your dream of happiness and joy.

And here is an example of a thoughtful Onam SMS.

May this be an onam of great happiness and prosperity. Let the festival of onam be celebrated by every Malayali, wherever they may be. Convey my onam wishes to your family.

You could also write up some funny SMS to wish your friend a prosperous Onam this year. Write about something that you find common in your friend and Maveli. Like the famous tummy.

So how would are you planning to wish your friend a Happy Onam this year? Can you come up with a funny e-mail or SMS? Have your say in the comments.

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